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The OpenMW team has released version 0.43.0 of our open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. OpenMW is already in a fully playable state with only a few minor features missing until we reach version 1.0. Our engine is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

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The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.43.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings a host of new features and bug fixes, including AI resurfacing to breathe, improved AI combat behavior and keyboard shortcuts for menus.

Check out the release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the masterful Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

Known Issues:

  • Shadows are not re-implemented yet
  • To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
  • On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

New Features:

  • Implemented AI resurfacing to breathe (#1374)
  • Implemented rain and snow induced water ripples (#452, 4156)
  • Implemented fade to black on cell transitions (#824)
  • Implemented starting in an unnamed exterior cell with --start (#3941)
  • Implemented AI using "WhenUsed" enchantments (#3953)
  • Implemented stacks of ingredients or potions remaining grabbed after using one (#4082)
  • Implemented keyboard navigation for menus (#3400)
  • Implemented an option to show the success rate while enchanting (#3492)
  • Implemented an option to show projectiles' damage in tooltips (#2923)
  • Implemented an option to show melee weapons' reach and speed in tooltips (#2923)
  • Implemented a "launch OpenMW" tickbox on the Windows installer (#2258)
  • Implemented the ability to close the inventory while dragging items (#1692, #3099)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented LTEX record table (#933)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented LAND record table (#936)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented highlighting occurrences of a variable in a script (#2509)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented using one resource manager per document (#2748)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented shortcuts and context menu options for commenting code out and uncommenting code respectively (#3274)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented an option in user settings to reset settings to their defaults (#3275, #3682)
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented reloading data files (#3530)
  • ess-Importer: Implemented converting projectiles (#2320)

Bug Fixes:

  • Water visibility is now consistent across different setting configurations (#815)
  • Autosaves are now created when waiting, to match vanilla behavior (#1452)
  • Container Close button no longer loses key focus when an item is clicked (#1555)
  • Guards no longer become aggressive towards creatures that are beyond their alarm radius (#2405)
  • Players can no longer change their weapon or spell during attack or spellcasting, though weapons can still be sheathed (#2445)
  • UI window pinning now persists between saves and boots (#2489, #2834)
  • First person view now uses the correct body texture with the "Better Bodies" mod (#2594)
  • Stat review menu now reads correctly from the player's stats (#2628)
  • Player states are now correctly reset when a save is loaded (#2639)
  • Rain and snow weather effects no longer move with the player (#2698)
  • Implemented some missing creature swim animations (#2704)
  • "Owned" crosshair now does not mark objects which can be activated without triggering a crime (#2789)
  • Drag-and-drop is now ended if the item is removed (#3097)
  • GetDetected can now be used without a reference (#3110)
  • Fixed poor performance when resizing the dialog window (#3126)
  • Fixed how ampersands in filenames are handled by the Launcher and Wizard (#3243)
  • Improved water reflection rendering along shorelines (#3365)
  • Improved AI usage of Dispel magic effect (#3341)
  • Disposing of corpses no longer breaks related quests (#3528)
  • Framerate limit is now enforced in videos and menus (#3531)
  • Only one copy of a given sound effect may now be played at a time (#3647)
  • Stationary NPCs resume returning to their position after a game is loaded if they had moved (#3656)
  • Added a fade-out for music transitions (#3665)
  • Spellcasting effects now disappear when resting (#3679)
  • Filled soul gems no longer count against the number of empty soulgems a merchant restocks of the same type (#3684)
  • Fixed magicka calculation during character generation (#3694)
  • Guards will now try to arrest the player when attacked, instead of just fighting back (#3706)
  • Death counts are now checked to be for valid actors before they are loaded (#3720)
  • Malformed inequality operators are now handled as equality to match vanilla and give a warning (#3744)
  • Yagrum Bagarn no longer twitches (#3749)
  • DisableLevitation now removes Levitate visual spell effect indicators (#3766)
  • Script commands now run if they were in voiced dialog scripting (#3787)
  • Added enabled check to animation script commands (#3793)
  • Default sound buffer size was increased (#3794)
  • RemoveItem behavior adjusted (#3796)
  • Godmode adjusted to match vanilla (#3798)
  • Animations now loop correctly in the "Animated Morrowind" mod (#3804)
  • Fixed enchantment point calculation to match vanilla (#3805)
  • Missing book art now logs a warning instead of showing a pink rectangle (#3826)
  • Fixed "Windows Glow" mod so window textures are not darker than they should be (#3833)
  • Bodyparts with multiple NiTriShapes are now handled correctly (#3835)
  • InventoryStore::purgeEffect() now removes all effects with argument ID (#3839)
  • Fixed fatigue loss calculations when jumping (#3843)
  • Underwater effects are now not applied to scripted "say" commands (#3850)
  • Actors no longer try to speak underwater (#3851)
  • Fixed a crash caused by an NPC being spawned by two routines at once (#3864)
  • Fixed an exploit where constant effect enchantments could be made with any soul gem by switching the soul gem during enchanting (#3878)
  • Fixed jail state not being cleared when a game is loaded (#3879)
  • Journal no longer displays empty entries (#3891)
  • An empty line is no longer displayed between a topic and the actual dialog text in the dialog window (#3892)
  • PositionCell in dialog no longer closes the dialog window (#3898)
  • "Could not find Data Files location" dialog no longer appears multiple times (#3906)
  • Fixed a case where the user could get stuck when installing without a CD (#3908)
  • Adjustments made to the Morrowind Content Language dropdown in the settings pane of the launcher (#3909)
  • Scroll in launcher window can no longer be cut off by resizing the window (#3910)
  • NC text key on nifs now works correctly (#3915)
  • Menu click sound no longer plays for right clicks (#3919)
  • Improved AI targetting algorithm to choose targets based on attack effectiveness (#3921)
  • AI now avoids enemy hits while casting self-ranged spells (#3922)
  • Copy/Paste now uses the correct command key on macOS (#3934)
  • AI attack strength is now reset when starting a new attack (#3935)
  • Changed spell priority calculation to match vanilla (#3937)
  • UI sounds are no longer distorted under water (#3942)
  • Fixed the game not pausing when minimized on Windows (#3943)
  • Vendors now confiscate stolen items that the player tries to sell them back (#3944)
  • Fixed some character preview rendering issues (#3955)
  • EditEffectDialog close button now updates range button and area slider properly (#3956)
  • Fixed some issues with body part rendering with mods (#3957)
  • Clothing value is now unsigned, preventing some value overflow issues (#3960)
  • Fatigue is now consumed if your encumbrance equals your maximum carry weight exactly (#3963)
  • Journal sounds are now played when flipping pages and closing the journal (#3974)
  • Fixed containers instantly closing when opened with a controller and the cursor over the close button (#3978)
  • Fixed performance issue when casting spells, especially on new landmasses such as Tamriel Rebuilt (#3981)
  • Corrected down and up sounds played when trading (#3982)
  • NPCs taunted to aggression no longer continue dialog with the player (#3987)
  • Journal can no longer be opened at the main menu (#3991)
  • Fixed Dispel to only cancel spell effects (#3995)
  • Fixed missing header inclusion breaking OpenBSD clang build (#4002)
  • Inventory avatar now fits within display border (#4003)
  • Manis Virmaulese now speaks to the player before attacking (#4004)
  • AI spawn position is now reset if they are moved to another cell (#4010)
  • Keypresses consumed by the UI are no longer processed again by the game (#4016)
  • GetPCRunning and GetPCSneaking now check if the PC is actually moving (#4017)
  • Music track shuffling is improved (#4024)
  • Spells with copy/pasted names no longer sort to the top of the spell list (#4025)
  • NPC archers now switch to another weapon to attack when they run out of arrows (#4033)
  • Reloading a save game while falling no longer prevents fall damage (#4049)
  • Draw animation is no longer played when a player equips a new weapon while already holding one (#4056)
  • Disposition is now updated correctly when dialog is closed (#4076)
  • Alchemy skill increases now take effect immediately after potion creation, instead of after the next batch is started (#4079)
  • GetResist commands now work like in vanilla (#4093)
  • Level-up messages for levels past 20 are now used (#4094)
  • Fixed error in framelistener when taking all items from a corpse (#4095)
  • Default 0 float precision is now used in float formatting (#4096)
  • Cycling through weapons now only selects weapons that can be equipped (#4104)
  • A scroll bar has been added to the birthsign effects list at character creation (#4105)
  • Changed inventory sort order to be more consistent (#4112)
  • Fixed unexpected "Resolution not supported in fullscreen" messages (#4113)
  • Fixed pickpocketing behavior to match vanilla (#4131)
  • Fixed a case where NPCs would not equip a second ring (#4155)
  • NPCs now do not autoequip clothing of the same price (#4165)
  • Multiple GUI and AI fixes and improvements
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed issues with using # characters in loaded configuration files (#3045)
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed camera position jumping when switching camera modes (#3709)
  • OpenMW-CS: "Map Color" field in Cells table now works correctly (#3971)
  • OpenMW-CS: Name is now reported correctly as OpenMW-CS on macOS (#4027)
  • OpenMW-CS: New greetings now work in-game (#4037)
  • OpenMW-CS: Merging of Land and Land Texture records fixed (#4074)
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed narrow left pane in Preferences window (#4107)

Fantastic job guys! Keep it up! :)

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Someone should make a VR mod for this

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