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The IndieDB page of Hoarder has been officially launched!

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Hello everyone,

This is my first project and I am developing for about 4 months. Now I'm feeling confident to present it to IndieDB.

Hoarder is a side scrolling RTS game, where you play as the Evil Lord. Your main goal is to defeat the humans and hoard rare items, gold and population.

In the first part, the player can improve his Dark Tower with the gold looted .. ehem, earned from successful battles. The harder the battle, the bigger the prize.
Dark Tower improvements gain the player access to new minions, or improves over the previous ones, new spells and overall more bonuses when fighting the battles.

- 7 unique units to unlock, each with 3 levels of upgrades;
- 6 unique spells each with it's specific role in battle and upgrade;
- 15 unique battlefields with beautiful environments;
- Unique AI, tailored for each battle, that reacts to players tactic, by repairing holes in it's strategy and creating new ones.
- 30 Artifacts to loot and admire in your Treasury.

If the player wins a battle, he will also receive a random loot drop which can vary from a common item to a legendary artifact. These items will work mostly as the achievements do in any game, but here they will also have a specific usage towards the final Hoarder Highscore.

Did I mention that the map is generated randomly ? For each selected battle, the player will have only the selected difficulty as being the same (level 1, 2 etc) but the environment and item reward at the end, will be random.

Try the game now in your browser (size 120 Mb):

If webplayer not working :

Here is a clip with what it can do until now and some pictures of units not yet in the game.

Disclaimer : some of the art in the game is just as placeholder for now.

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