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The game Superpluma is no longer OpenGL supported. Explanation below:

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OpenGL is a good way to improve the performance of the game by directing the game demands to the hardware.

But Doom is natively rendered by software, which makes this way to render more secure.
I'm not saying OpenGL is bad. In it, we have dynamic lights, 3D platforms, gloom and other good features. Not to mention the texture filters, alpha lights effects, excellent and colored fog effects.
So why are we leaving the OpenGL? We're doing this because we want a game with no limitations for the players. Do they have the correct graphics drivers? No problem, they can play. Do they understand the bugs that often occur in an OpenGL based game? No need to...

Ok, we have pixelated graphics? Yes, but they are sharp as the good classics games!
Set your resolution and have fun! No vertex problems and stuff.



"We're doing this because we want a game with no limitations for the players."

you do know it's 2015, rite? even toasters have ogl 3.4 support built in. besides, more "demanding" ogl features (e.g. fog/alpha lights/etc) can be lowered or even completely turned off in-game, while you are still able to retain 3D platforms which has no measurable effect on the performance.

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WalcionyRS Author

Thanks for the comments.
1 - Even Doom game developers have difficulties to tweak the ogl features.
2 - I work fixing Operating Systems so I know what drivers are and how the graphics cards companies support the customers. I am avoiding their incompetence.

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