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Key features such as deer-like bots have been programmed into the map, and the map it's self is getting sexier looking. What else? Oh, maybe an open beta.

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So, our closed alpha is getting closer to being tested, well, in about 30 minutes. Our main mapper, Teh_Special_Ops has pretty much finished the map as far as we're concerned, AND out of the blue finished the bot programming for the map as well! Holy poo!

The bots are programmed simply the roam the map in a deer-like pattern, and are to flee when they spot a hunter.

Although, most of you are probably reading this because of the title, "Open Beta Approaching". Indeed. The open beta might be out within two weeks, we hope, or maybe even sooner. The thing is, although to most of you the mod sounds done by now, it isn't. There are tons of kinks we have to work out, we have to make sure the map is fully optimized for your playing, and most of all we have to make a hud. Our hud programmer is planned to be FrostedFreeze, probably one of the best non-developer programmers for Sandbox mod. He can make amazing stuff and apparently can also make us a really nice HUD. Can't wait!

Although we might not get everything into the open beta, so we ask you to expect the following before you play:

  • Lag. LAG! LAAAAAG! Your fps might will probably will drop when you play the map.
  • A wonky looking HUD. If you open up the spawn screen and see the hunter and trapper class, and a bunch of blank kits, that's what we mean.
  • Low player base/very few (maybe only one) server(s). One thing's for sure, and it's that we'll be giving up our beloved Cheeto Community Space RP server in Sandbox Mod to host the official BFH Mod server.
  • Crashing. Due to the special programming we have put into our weapons, we have crashed a lot during pre-alpha testing thanks to weapons like the SIMRAD. We don't want to say the open beta will be free of issues like this.
  • Deer that look more like chinese soldiers. We might not have the deer model (courtesy of SilentSniperx13D) implemented yet for the open beta.

Alright, now that we've scared 50% of our to-be players off (Kidding. I hope.) it's time to give you some good things to expect in BFH mod.

  • Realistic deer personalities.
  • No skill-cap. In other words, there is never a time when you are so good at the game that you get bored. The mod accommodates to every skill level.
  • A realistic hunting experience.


Sounds good, however I would certainly try hard get that deer model in game before releasing.

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Deer hunting in BF2? This mod sounds so crazy, I have to beta-test it. Can we get a bonus/hidden HMMWV to run down chi- I mean, deer?

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