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Just a week after it's Steam launch, oOo: Ascension makes it's way to the Nintendo eShop, bringing rage and frustration to a whole new group of players.

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oOo Ascension on Nintendo Switch

6 months after initially launching on the XboxOne platform, and only one week after it's debut on Steam, we are proud to announce that oOo: Ascension is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Don't be distracted by the pretty visuals..

The Game:

In oOo (we've been calling it "Triple-Oh", by the way, but you can call it anything you like) the aim is to navigate your ship through short but painfully difficult levels in the shortest time possible without touching any walls, spinning blades, lasers or countless other horrible things that will try to destroy you in the process. Revisit the ramping difficulty of old-school arcade games, wherein each challenge CAN be completed in a matter of seconds - however doing so ranges in difficulty from hard-as-nails to straight-up rage-inducing.

Grab it now: XboxOne - Steam - Nintendo Switch

The unique neon visuals and electronic soundtrack help to make oOo: Ascension a profoundly unique and immersive experience that you can play in single player mode across each of it's 90 levels, or take advantage of the Switch Joy-Cons to play a friend in splitscreen mode and risk losing that friend forever!

For a better example of how the game plays, check out our official Switch Launch trailer here:

Awards & Nominations


We have also had the absolute privilege of being made a TIGA finalist for this years awards, as a nominee for 'Best Game by a Small Studio', alongside a nomination from BAFTA Scotland for 'Best Game'. The results for both of these are to be revealed in early November, but we'll be sure to keep you posted here on IndieDB, as well as any other platform I can shout loudly from. Also, (loooong shot) but you can help us win the public vote for the honour of 'Game of the Year' at the TIGA awards by clicking here and voting for us - watch out God of War, we're hot on your heels.

A Trailer? I Don't Have Time For That!

Well then fill your eye-boots with these screenshots instead:

Miami Vice got a bit weird towards the end

I like my rage incandescent

Black and Gold - for the classy masochist

Maze of Death Vol.54

Final Thanks

Now that the game is out on Switch it has officially completed the development cycle I had planned for this year (a PS4 version may be coming in early 2019, but that's yet to be confirmed), I feel like I should show some appreciation for how I got here. Although creating oOo was always intended to be a solo effort I couldn't have done it without the incredible team at Extra Mile Studios for agreeing to publish the game and for all their help in getting it ported across all these platforms - the game wouldn't have seen the light of day without their help and support so a huge thanks is due to everyone there. Also, the small but passionate community that has arisen around the game has also been humbling-ly helpful with their feedback, bug reporting and encouragement - I still can't properly express my gratitude that anyone would even play a game I made, let a lone enjoy it, so thank you to all the players, past and future. Finally, to my wife and daughter without whom I would never have even started this journey in the first place, I hope I've done you both proud.

Grab it now: XboxOne - Steam - Nintendo Switch

Now I'm away for a drink and a long, long overdue lie down.


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