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It's been a week since we came unbound, lets recap on how we're going!

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G'day Moddb community!

Continuum has been in the wild for a week now, people have been playing and commenting and reviewing and loving the mod! Thank you all who have partaken of all of our hard work!

USS Melbourne docked at a trading station


  • There were exactly 1161 downloads of the installer version of the mod within 7 days of it being uploaded,
  • 90 people installed Continuum on Desura,
  • 50 more people put Continuum onto their "watch" list, and;
  • There were 9397 hits on the mod page


There has been a bit of mucking about with the Desura release, this has been remedied! Feel free to download the mod from Desura without fear of it being installed into the incorrect directory!

While setting things like your screen resolution isn't as visible as with the LCARS launcher it is still possible with Desura, If you right click on "Star Trek: Continuum ALPHA" and select "properties" the following window will come up:


Under "user launch options" you can type in any normal Homeworld 2 command line paths, including the height and width commands I have in the image there!

Frequently Asked Questions

This past week we have found that not everyone is running top of the line computers, or they do have top of the line computers but they have a video card that's not sympathetic to an old game. I have collated a quick list of the main problems people have run into and their solutions:

Q. Before you even INSTALL the mod have Homeworld 2 patched to v1.1!
A. Refer to the question

Q. The game is very, very slow!
A. Ensure that you have Vsync activated in the Homeworld 2 video options

Q. I can't play any of the Star Trek maps but Homeworld Classic works fine
A. Try Shader 1.0, your video card might not be able to handle Shader model 2.0b

Q. I downloaded the mod on Desura but default Homeworld 2 comes up!
A. I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling so that Desura has the right registry path for the game files, otherwise simply moving STC_Desura.big into the "data" folder will correct this.

Q. Windows DEP keeps killing Homeworld 2! What do I do?!?!
A. Follow these 7 steps:
1- Install the game
2- Update to 1.1
3- Open a command prompt (type ''cmd'' in the search bar, right click on "cmd.exe" and run it as an administrator!)
4- Copy/paste the following line of text (you can right click to access the paste option)
bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
5- If "Operation Completed Sucessfully" appears then restart your computer
6- When your computer comes back on right click on your Homeworld 2 shortcut(s) and set it to ''Run as Administrator''
7- Press Allow and ENJOY!!!
P.S. You will need to allow the game to run as administrator every time you play


Thank you to all who have taken the time to give us a good review, you've given us a lot to think about and a nice fat To-Do list for release Beta! As always we will pour over any reviews and comments that are submitted!


Many of you have already taken the opportunity to have a look in the forums, to report bugs there and so on, but did you know you can also post screenshots there? We would love to see what people are doing with our mod out there in the real world!

Until next time,

Continuum Corp

56er - - 1,253 comments

What about the scaling of the ships, strikecraft seems far to overpowerd and big, while galaxy class looks way to small.

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

Besides the strikecraft everything with a canon size is that size! I challenge anyone to disprove that with screenshots and pixel counts!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Dark_Sentinel - - 132 comments

No need to pixelcount. We all, of course, trust Nathanius. If somebody doesn't, I approve, Galaxy is nearly correct size, I have 652 meters in Max vs. 642 meters stated as 'canon'.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dave27 - - 262 comments

Awesome mod. But my fleet got destroyed when i took out the enmey base, my fault i was parked to close :P

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