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A mentioning of the finale update to our game Throng as well as a hint of some possible upcoming features.

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As always, I would like to that everyone who has shown continuous attention to this project. This has been an incredible learning experience to me as well as an emotional journey. Some days I felt like giving up; like this was all of nothing. Other days, I simply wished that there was more time in the day. A couple of days ago I thought to myself, "what makes anyone what to play this? It's boring and repetitive with no resolution or story. The artwork is also simple and contains only one annoying sound". At the same time I was having ideas of another simple project. I decided that alone, these two projects are dull and bland; but together could create something that I would truly be proud of. Currently I am working on (hopefully) the last update to Parcoon's first project, Throng. The span of this project has been from a simple cube navigating a maze while zombies chase, to something I never thought I would be able to accomplish. The newest update for Throng will feature a wide variety of activities to do during the day. This will result in a major switch of game play mechanics. Before, players (you guys) would have to fight endless waves night after night for no apparent reason. Now, you will be able to be in charge of a town and it's people. During the day you must select people to do certain activities before nightfall. I wont give away too much, but I will say that I added an ending to the game. The official release date for Throng is still unknown, but since this is the last major update to the game, it shouldn't be too long. Once again, thank you for all of the support <3.

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