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Play it or not - you're doomed either way. So play it.

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We are doomed. Doomed, I say!

Temple of Doom is another step on our way towards the complete Josh Mills anthology. We seem to be doing fairly well so far. As for this mod, although Dermuda's collection has it in three separate instances (called respectively Temple of Doom, Temple of Doom 1.0b and Temple of Doom 1.5), I was unable to find any differences at all between 1.0b and the one not marked with a version number; even the timestamp was the same. Therefore I'm going to treat them as one as the same.

So what can we say about the two scenarios that bring us sure doom? Well, Dermuda told me they were designed to be unforgiving. And it shows. Be prepared to fight ludicrous numbers of enemies in tight hallways, or in wide open spaces where you're completely exposed. Rooms that look like they were filled with enemies using the bucket tool? They're here. Fifteen bosses in a long hallway? Check. Over twenty bosses in a small room? That's here too. You're going to have a hard time. Be prepared.

The scenarios also come with a modest supply of new graphics. They are mostly walls and enemies, some of which you've already seen, though there's a few new ones. They range from interesting to preposterous; for example, there's a couple of nice new brick wall types, but why is there what seems to be an action figure doing on the table, and why on Earth is Daffy Duck leaning against columns? Most unusual, most unorthodox. Enjoy it for what it is.

Josh Mills.

temple10 1

temple10 2

Download Temple of Doom 1.0b

Temple of Doom 1.0b

temple15 2

temple15 1

Download Temple of Doom 1.5

Temple of Doom 1.5

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