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Firstly to be clear I'm the only person working on this project so any progress on my project may become slow plus I am working on similar project's like here.

So I'll be working working on the project's mentioned but only when I'm in the frame of mind. I have an OCD when it come's to game's, design so when I do make stuff then it'll be in one straight long go at a time, most of the editing made in the latest Doom build compile made was made in about 2-3 days because of error's, backtracking to check over thing's.

This is the old build:

This is the new build:

Also the latest download for the current build has been uploaded in the Moddb download page. The old build was lost to me due to hardware issue's but so I ended up having to start from scratch, the new build is a BETA. So in short all my progress will be classed as a BETA until the full compile is completed, once Doom 1/2 are compiled then I may consider Master Level's, etc...

Edit: I am aware the mod has issue's and am looking into it.
Zdaemon partly dropped partly, this work's in Local mode but not in server mode. It's not recommended trying on their server's.

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