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Patch 1.1 for Smervs nation thanks to the dom4 community feedback!

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First patch for Smerv is out thanks to community feedback! (The file contain the full mod release)

Project Omniomicon - PublicBeta 2.1

Smervs Smervs

Changelog list below.
For more information about the project and last major update, please check previous articles.

Smerv Beta 1.1 Patch:
- Increased Smerv from 8 to 9 gold cost
- All Smervs are now #rcost 1
- Armed Smerv cost increase from 10 to 11
- Fixed some descriptions issues
- Insatiable horror pretender has now #heal (Thanks to sw_faulty)
- Smerv Reaper and Smasher are now #undisciplined
- Smerv Reaper and Smasher cause now unrest and have a pillage bonus
- Smerv Hurler: Fixed missing #stealthy attribute (Thanks to FireballManaBee)
- Reduced Feral Smervs #chaosrec bonus from 2 to 1 (thanks to dyslexicfaser, gothefungus and community feedback!)
- Simplified the .dm file (usefull only for file reading for modders)
- Renamed some units (Thanks to FireballManaBee!)
- Smerv scavengers: Fixed wrong #rcost value (from -1 to 1)
- Added #pillagebonus 1 to all Smerv warriors
- Smerv Smasher and Reaper have now #pillagebonus 2 (was 1)
- All Smerv Scavengers have now #pillagebonus 2 (was 1)
- Smerv Feral Alpha is now #chaosrec 5 (was 6) and #deathrec 5 (was 3)
- Smerv Feral Alpha and Scavpack leader: added missing #supplybonus 1
- Scavpack leader: added missing #wastesurvival
- Warchief: Removed #chaosrec and added #pillagebonus 1
- The specific race of "Demons" who can take possession of undeads (corpses and bones) are now called "Zlodmor(s)"
- Removed #chaosrec from all Zlodmors (Thanks to FireballManaBee)
- Bloodbone Behemoth, Insatiable horror and Blood Elemental pretenders: Removed Poisonres
- Bloodbone Behemoth: added Grab and swallow
- Added Whiteskulls variations (mace, spear, shortsword, falchion, morningstar)
- Added Whiteskulls related Summons
- Improved some descriptions (Thanks to dyslexicfaser!)

Presentation SMERV2

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