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the readme and installation instructions for the oldskool mod

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OSJC Latchford's zDooM mod - a randomised zDooM weapons,monsters and pickups and enviroment mod for single, coop or Deathmatch...

yes, this is the oldskool mod. the first mod I ever created for zdoom. its a bit dated now and is a bit resource and feature heavy. as I was learning decorate coding it has kinda turned this into a "look what I can do now" mod and it went a bit too far in the end. its complicated, cumbersome to load but a whole lot of fun and an important part of the OSJC's history. put it this way: major crisis and descent into heresy would simply not exist without the prior work done on this mod! I hope it is enjoyed and will find a new audience here. but please note that this is a finished product and that any further development is NOT to be expected. take it as it is or ignore it if you want. its more than done and dusted...

It is vital for me to point out that this mod is for use in zdoom 2.8.1 ONLY. no other engine is supported

Installation instructions:

unzip all .wad's and .pk3's into your DooM directory

then right click your zdoom shotcut and click properties.
click on the 'target' box and paste the following at the end of where it says zdoom.exe:
-file nashgore.wad -file splash3.wad -file osjc_zdoom.pk3 -file osjc_firearms23.pk3 -file osjc_monstas8.pk3

It has to be in this order to run.

for the extended edition enhanced weapons add the following to the end of the previous:
-file plus_addon.pk3
which can be further embelished with the optional colt 'skin' for the pistol via adding: -file coltskin.pk3 to the end of that...

now if you'd like to include random scientist zombies add the following to the end of the previous:
-file scizombies.pk3

then do the same to select a set of skies depending on your episode of choice:
-file tudoomsky.pk3
-file d2sky.pk3
-file tntsky.pk3
-file plut_sky.pk3

now if you'd like to include even more weapons options (designed for deathmatch but just as usable in single player) add the following to the end of the previous:
-file dm_randomizer.pk3

(For my own reasons I have also included a copy of Darken2.wad into this pack, because it is simply awesome. this includes a sky/texture addon too: -file Darken2_sky.pk3)

complecated I know but its the only way I could get it to all gel-together and actually work!

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