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This is an old changelog for archival purposes. This version was released in 2014.

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+ Added shotguns as a weapon for the scout class.
+ Readded quick start guide to game menus.
+ Added a variety of error messages to allow users to see the reason that is preventing them from spawning.
+ Added map briefings for Mvalley, Duststorm, Money, Coast and Bush (keep them coming guys )
+ Added more LOD's to palm trees, and the trees on slaughtered, some palm trees now also have animations.


* Players previously had to reselect spawn point if attempting to spawn whilst it was blocked.
* Exploit that allowed players to block spawnpoints.
* Drivers and passengers now exit on the correct side of the BE jeep.
* BE APC had missing snow camouflage on its turret.
* Fixed "Failed to find next rank title" error in console
* (RC1) Black panel partially covering scoreboard.


/ Players on the same team no longer collide.
/ Building smoke has been moved to better places.
/ Some modifications to crate models.
/ Moved props around in BE barracks to more accurately reflect the collision model.
/ Spawn error messages no longer disappear until the error is resolved.
/ Experimental base swap feature reactivated.

Script Changes: (RC 3.5)

/Engineer: Now has Shotgun
/Rifleman: Now has Ranged Rifle
/All Sidearms: Melee Damage 50 -> 40
/All Primaries (with melee): Melee Damage 50 -> 70
/Shotguns: Minimal damage 7 -> 9, Damage 10 -> 12, All accuracy/spread penalties resulting from moving or repeated fire removed. Basically, the weapon always has the same spread now, though being crouched or prone will affect it.
/BEAR: Accuracy modifier for Ironsights: 0.65 -> 0.60
/NFAR: Accuracy modifier for Ironsights: 0.90 -> 0.80
/NFHR: Accuracy modifier for Ironsights: 0.85 -> 0.60
/Shotgun Pistol: Damage 12 -> 10
/Ranged Rifle: Clip Size 10 -> 5, Base damage 45 -> 75, This will affect body shots, but not Headshots, which are unchanged. Stamina based Scope swap has been removed, there's now a constant but minimal amount of sway that's unaffected by stamina or anything else.


Do you have the download you can also upload?

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ImSpartacus Author

Thanks for the feedback!

Empires has been distributed on Steam since after version 2.3 at this URL:

I'm currently posting a backlog of changelogs that were not posted on moddb when the release was made. The latest (and current) 2.6.1 changelog will be more fleshed out with a proper download link and other resources.

Let me know if that will work. Thanks! :)

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