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Status update. I really would be making more stuff if I wasn't so awful!

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I am still pretty sick.

Even though I'm out of the hospital, abdominal surgery and oral antibiotics really made a hell of my stomach, so I'm really having a bad time. I'll spare you the details, but I won't be making stuff for Therium-2 for a little bit.

Once I'm finally okay and fully recovered, I'll also have to make up a lot of schoolwork. Three weeks of it, to be exact. That'll keep me very busy, so in the meantime there won't be many posts on here about Therium-2 or any development going on. If anyone wants to ask me questions about Therium-2, now's a good time because it's just about the only thing I can do while I'm busy.

I am, of course, typing this from mobile, so I can't really put up anything new for you guys, but I totally would if I could. I'd take a screenshot of a level I'm working on right now or something, or some lore.

But, alas, I am stuck in my bed and my puke bowl. Ask me stuff about Therium-2 if you like!

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