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Oil Rush development is full steam ahead to Steam! A lot of fixes, new improvements. Check new music tracks that will drag you even deeper into post-apocalyptic atmosphere of this flooded world.

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Our development studio is like a boiling kettle right now: everybody is so excited as the things are going towards the release at fast pace.

Changes from 0.80:

  • Added Steam support (lobby, matchmaking, game sessions, achievements). The game will be available on Steam very soon, after the official publishing.
  • Added 3 new atmospheric music tracks.
  • Fixed "Follow the fleet" feature (activated by pressing "F" after issuing an order).
  • Increased targeting module speed.
  • Fixed a bug with mirage objects inside the fog of war.
  • Improved fragments and shatters left when units/towers are destroyed.
  • Fixed unit flickering on the minimap.

What's next?

Flooded canyons of wild west

  • Our game designers are back from vacations so there will be a lot of new maps soon!
  • New environment: flooded canyons of the wild west.
  • Single player campaign is full speed ahead (but it will be kept locked in beta builds until the release).
  • We plan to release OST in high quality for free for all pre-order users.
  • There will be a play-test in our studio this Saturday, we are eager to see new gamers playing Oil Rush!

Stay tuned, more to come!

dafishanator - - 560 comments

I LOVE the concept :)

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binstream Author
binstream - - 101 comments

it is not a concept, it is a real-time screenshot from the game.

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ZeusLT - - 341 comments

I am not sure but maybe he was talking about the whole game concept, gameplay.

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cmontag - - 36 comments

Would you want beta users to join the play test this Saturday?

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binstream Author
binstream - - 101 comments

No, we need gamers who aren't acquainted with the game.

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Hell_Diguner - - 3,645 comments

Throw a cookie out when you release on Steam and I'll bite. The game looks interesting from the couple of videos you have up. It's reminiscent of the flash game Phage Wars and the indie game Eufloria.

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Feeyo - - 17 comments

Nice update. Thanks! Keep it up guys. The game is rocks.

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Plejadenwolf - - 520 comments

I really hope that there will be a good modding scene turning the game into a long-living game like Empire at War. The graphics are awesome, I can't wait for modifications turning the game into some World in Conflict or Command and Conquer-style universe. Great great work!

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gabsd84 - - 101 comments

Nice update guys. Played the beta at a LAN with a small number of people. Good fun. Would be really great to have some more maps and a few 6 & 8 player maps.

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