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Find out the official places to see updates on the MEK (Mozzarilla, Pool, Refinery, Reclaimer)

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Hello! I'm gbMichelle, also known as Shelly, co-lead of Sigmmma.

I've been subscribed to the RSS feed for Halo Combat Evolved mods on this site (Yes, I actually use the RSS) and noticed people releasing wildly outdated versions of these tools that I co-develop with Sigmmma.

As a solution I decided to get on here and create this page.

You can find official releases and source code of these tools at Github/Sigmmma

If you need help with using these tools or just want a nice CE community to talk to you can find that at

I hope this avoids people having too many problems with buggy old versions. And that this can help people find good places to get knowledge about CE modding.

- gbMichelle

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