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It has arrived. The official demo release of ‘Cube: Defender of the Polyverse’!

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This has been revised many upon many times to try and create a truly immersive and monumental demo depicting the Polyverse as we know it to be. We apologize for the wait. There were unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that slowed the project down. That, and the fact that time moves slower in the Polyverse, than in the real world. So, it might still be a while until a completed game comes around.

Updates on Gameplay: There has been new implementations such as lighting adjustments, reconfigured camera changes, level design reworking, and other features to show off the Polyverse.

We now have a more realistic approach to different variations of graphic settings, from the startup; ranging from 'Simple' to 'Fantastic'. This ranges from giving the world a simple polygon look, up to a more visually appealing world with fog depth, lighting, and shadows(still being tweaked).

The cameras have been focused on, as a primary feature. As based in the video of ’Cube’, each camera shot was either stationary with Cube moving past, or a following camera; always showing enough of the world to the viewer. We made this a central point in the game. All the cameras were designed to work with the level design. Anywhere the camera points, is where Cube should go; unless, it is an environmental shot, showing off the world with Cube moving past. With that in mind, the level design was reworked to give a more open feel, rather than clustered (like the first demo). We attempted to recreate scenes from the original video, along with, adaptations of what else could be in the Polyverse.

Additional gameplay updates:

1) There is now a working Timer in the level, to show how long they have been playing.

2) There is now a working Diamond Counter, to show home many diamonds are left in each level.

3) There is now a working Collision Counter, to show when the player collides with ‘obstacles’ in the level.

4) Levels properly end, instead of endless floating.

Menu implementations:

1) There is now a working main menu for the demo.

2) A tutorial level is available to select.; showing off some used (and un-used) game mechanics

3) A full demo example of what is implemented in the game so far.

  1. A new level hub - Level White
  2. Re-Imagined Level Purple
  3. The long awaited Level Blue
  4. And the new Level Green [shout out to Josh Sanders for help with the level design!]

4) Test in progress version of a multiplayer Cube game called ‘Drop Cube'

There is plenty more to come... the Polyverse has much to offer.

You can download the new 2018 demo on the indieDB page, in the file (download) section.

This is the Cube Director, saying, welcome back to the Polyverse!

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