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The demo's released, and the team talks a bit about it.

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Finally. Opposing Force 2 has gotten its first demo, after 3 years of development, with rises and falls. But now, we've gotten ourselves a better team too. A way more stable one. This team has allowed us to work separately on a small demo for you guys. But wait; this won't be our first demo.

OF2 - Stadium
The Stadium. Arena for NPC and weapon testing.

(Taken from last update)
Meet the Stadium Demo. Our first demo. It carries the name for a reason, on this demo we focused solely on NPCs and weapons, and for this, we have made a stadium map similar to Sven-Coop's. On this map, you'll be able to spawn a bunch of HL2 and OF2 NPCs, spawn barricades, spawn props and press a button that casts the incredible Michael Bay mode, which triggers a lot of explosions throughout the stadium. All that by simply pressing buttons all around. We'll also include of2_forest_contact, one of the Deadlock Conflict maps, which is being designed by one of our mappers, Hazard24, as a bonus. And finally, the Crossfire map for all your unecessary needs of exploding nukes and spamming NPCs.

OF2 - Houndeye

The cutest shooting targets in the demo.

Being completely sincere, we did not include a few weapons and NPCs. However, you can make sure that our team is working hard on them. This month only, our subversion had more than 200 revisions. Which means, estimatively 8 assignments (including models, maps, NPCs, weapons, and so on) got finished per day. So worry not, because this is not going to be our only demo. We plan on releasing a longer demo with the full weapon arsenal and the complete list of NPCs in game in one or two months.

OF2 - Deadlock Conflict
of2_forest_contact is a beaultifully designed level by Hazard24, with puzzles, surprises and most importantly: action.

While a big part of work shown in the demo is still WIP, it is an overall enjoyable experience, which will allow the player to feel how the mod will play like. Including a list of 6 custom NPCs and an arsenal of custom weapons, we made sure to give the player enough to keep him busy for hours, maybe a day or two. But it is good enough for a first release. It's not what you were expecting, however. Wastelands, Deadlock Conflict, Dark Passage, Urban Chaos... Not all these chapters were included, in fact, only Deadlock Conflict was included. But fear not; because throughout the week, our team will be releasing extra maps for this demo on the forums. This gives you a reason to register, other than the exclusive media and cryptic content.

OF2 - A calm, beaultiful morning on Crossfire

A beaultiful calm morning on Crossfire.

The content will be available on category "The Phoenix Hideout", which is only available to registered users, and the forums can be acessed here:

Finally, we have to thank you all for making this possible. Download the demo on our mod page, and be sure to comment about it on the forums. Post screenshots, videos, tell us our thoughts. But before you bash a few things, we'd like to remind you that the demo has WIP content.

Written by MenteR, project lead and level designer.
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