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Happy new year! December/January quick progress update, new tracks, and a new suite/map music mockup.

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Greetings, fellows and fellowettes! I hope everyone has had a great December! I bring a quick update on some Odyssey!


[Quick update: Wow, 100 downloads! Soundcloud has a 100 download limit, so I've put up another download over at Bandcamp. Thank you for your interest and support! :D)

I hope you packed an extra undersuit and socks, because we're going deep into the depths of Installation 04. I present updates to the Floodier side of CE, presented as a Suite, in the vein of those found in the soundtracks of Halo and Halo 2. It is an improvement and better-edited-for-listening update of this video I made. I captured gameplay of 343 Guilty Spark with minimal music, and had a crack at adding my own score to it, using only content I've made from Odyssey. This is again another mockup, and disclaimer: isn't mixed as well as the SoundCloud version, which I made afterward.

This is my own choice of creepy, and doesn't follow the original music. Devils...Monsters... for example has been changed to another track as I haven't started remaking it yet. That being said, the next track underway is...


it's the all time classic track of you really, really need to hurry up! It's very far from being final, as I haven't quite nailed the flanger and reverb effects yet, but it's definitely taking shape! Which mix do you prefer? I plan to merge the pros of each of the two current versions. Hear another gameplay mockup from a very early version!

A few small other bites!

I had a quick cheeky go at redubbing some Spark dialogue, by trying to recreate the effect onto a friend who re-read some lines out over Discord, along with trying to do correct panning, and putting in some foley sounds of control room ambience and spark's magical floaty engines.

We also have the first successful implementation of a sound tag ingame, with functioning permutations! With some help from the folks at the CE Reclaimers discord, I was able to get Guns, Thunder ingame without screwing anything up!

You can hear the full thing with Terrible™ Phasing™ at SoundCloud.

And last, but certainly not least! I've snuck in a first go at recreating Peril! This is also on the GitHub, fully stemified and ready to remix.

I end this update with a nice jackal hunting anthem remake, called "Prevail". I hope you enjoyed reading and listening as much as I enjoyed writing and arranging! Stay tuned, as always you can follow progress here, closer on the GitHub, and all music that appears in these updates is hosted on my SoundCloud and YouTube. Peace!

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