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BIG progress update with Odyssey content, Data! Tags! Maps??? More inside!

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I bring update goodies of the project. It has been some time since the last update, and progress on a lot of different tracks has been made. As always, you can stay up to date with development at the CE Reclaimers Discord and the Odyssey Soundcloud playlist that is regularly updated.


Drumrun has made a lot of progress, and is getting much closer to being the right amount of awesome, what do you think?


Now that I'm more familiar with HEK, going forward all files will also be released in data/tag format. The main plan is for tags (OGG or Xbox ADPCM), data (44.1khz 16bit WAV) and stem (WAV or FLAC, 24bit) formats of all content releases. A new tag pack has just been released! It has some glue tracks, and the WIP current version of Drumrun.


I've been working on getting loop permutations all working perfectly into one another. This involves a lot of trial and error with creating crossfades around each loop point, and putting a "universal crossfade" section at the ends of each loop point. This makes the transition much less jarring when one loop transitions into another, and means there's no clipping or clicks and pops due to waveform difference. I've replaced a couple of "glue" tracks in Halo now with some Odyssey replacements that all have the right crossfades and such applied.

This hasn't actually been added ingame yet since I'm still working on it, but here's the new track for the Light Bridge sequence from a30. You might hear a familiar sound from a future title at the start. I'm still hard at work sourcing all of the different synths and sample libraries where a lot of Halo's instrumentation and sounds come from. Expect me to touch back on this later - some good friends and I are building up an internal patch list, we plan to document everything and put out a video about it too.


Working on new original tracks, I've started messing with implementing them into gameplay. Check this one out, built specifically for the engine room! I want. Hear it below, both on SoundCloud and in game!!!

This tag is actually available now! Head over to the Files section to download the tag!

Have a listen to some more of the ambient tracks! They're starting to really take shape.

That concludes this update, but be sure to check out the GitHub. It's just been updated to look more presentable, and data/tags stuff is now pushed directly to it. You can see new Odyssey files there, before they appear anywhere else. Stay cool!

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