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In this update we talk about the naming of the world, a bit about the lore and history, show some new art and intruduce one of the main environment types: Underground scenery.

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The world of Dilogus builds its history over quite a few millenniums. Even now, its history continues to unfold, the end ever elusive. Even if one believes that he started at the beginning, there's still a before. To try to truncate the history of a world into a few lines is a task beyond even the gods.

Quite a few people have asked us about the actual name (Dilogus), some even saying it a weird name not fit for a game. We'll start by explaining exactly why this is the name. As generally everything else, the name has a strong reason behind it as well.

"There is said to be a time when Dhil'Aeghas (Dilogus) created the world fighting out evil from the lands. That event was followed by the gods of the lower levels of the pantheon, that walked on the newly created lands within the material plane, admiring the work. At the end of that time, a horrible battle started between the different pantehons of gods to derminate one true leader, started by Limvastee (goddess of void and darkness). These were the first years of the Great War.

The name of the game world comes from the main god, Dhil'Aeghas being written down as pronounced by the Dhilogians (Dilogians), the human race of the world, thus creating a slang name. Dhil'Aeghas is the god that ‘forged' the world, therefore the name corresponds to him."

Environments: Underground

In Dilogus - The Winds of War we aim to bring to life a unique approach to underground adventuring. While in most fantasy RPG games caves and dungeons are secondary, tertiary or even lower priority, in our game more than half of the adventure takes place within these underground passageways.

summoning altars are usually built near dark flow conducting purple crystals

As the game takes part after a long war, some parts of the environment are ravaged and destroyed. Landscapes were shattered and a large portion of the population was forced to retreat underground to get shelter from roaming dangers and living conditions that drastically changed after the event.

"Dilogus - The Winds of War" will feature entire cities, woods, magical environments and more within these caves, giving a whole new perspective to underground adventure. The magical crystals take a major role in our design as they give life and light to underground plants and creatures, allowing inhabitants to even grow crops in some places.

active soul wells are great conductors for the soul flow and are used for enchanting

Players will have the chance to explore the mystic underground world, as we are investing just as much care into them as into any other environment, at some places even more. We wish to create a unique experience with the contrast of caves and floating landscapes, and all of the environments are going to be entirely hand made. That means none of the caves will be pre-generated. Distinction of repetetive elements will be prohibited as much as possible through our modular sets, by using a variety of unique styles to sustain an interesting environment.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to speak up - drop a comment below or head over to our forum and join the discussion.

If you would like to follow our progress, you can Watch the project or tune in with one of our community sites. Another option is to have a check in at our Blog and Forum.

Hboybowen - - 14 comments

great concept art. hope you follow the overgrowth indiedb format later on with weekly videos

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Desiderium Author
Desiderium - - 160 comments

Thanks. We most certainly will. =)

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