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Recently I've had a lot of major life changes, progress on the mod has slowed down but regardless, this spooky season we have a handful of things to share about the mod.

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Being that I have had a major career change recently, I've had to get a second job and try to maintain my technical certifications at the same time.

For anyone who isn't in the know, the Linux Foundation doesn't always do good business and getting certs from them can be a nightmare that leaves your money in limbo for quite a while. Besides all that, I'm not able to get my cert right now so I'm working a temp job.

Regardless of that, progress is still going as I have another subway level section:



There are other bits and pieces maps floating out there, these ones don't have concrete places in the story quite yet:



We are still looking for several people that can contribute talent to the mod so if you're a mapper, texture artist, musician or just a playtester that is interested in helping us grow then feel free to message me! It's slow but steady.

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