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Trailer coming this week.. the Occult Game site is live.

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I've put some imagery together and prepped the website for the upcoming video trailer this week. Get on the list to be notified of game updates as well!

Occult is an interactive visual experience telling a number of stories written by my beautiful Natasha. Many interconnected stories span across time and locations related to many things Occult and Paranormal.

You play as Misty, a medium with some extra talents which you hope to uncover along your journey. In Chapter One, you are accompanied by your friend Dominic, who is a paranormal techie. Dominic has supplied you with the latest in AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. The glasses feature a number of apps and sensors including spectrum displays, night vision, digital audio recorder, and more. A super bright LED will help light your way at night, but use these features carefully. The battery will drain and can only be charged by the sun. Accelerated day/night cycles help maintain your charge but time doesn’t quite work the way you would expect it in this place.

Dominic will help you along the way notifying you of surrounding interests, possible danger, and even offers pleasant conversation. He will communicate with you by video call or text message over his wireless connection to the glasses. Unless, of course, you lose the wireless signal. The forest is a pretty remote place.

Occult is a first person experience. You have an arsenal of high tech tools and some unexplained talents of your own, but no weapons. You can run, but moving around carefully using your available resources is probably the smartest strategy. Demons lurk, and they could be the end of you.

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