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Oblivionauts Beta Released

Oblivionauts Wallpaper 1280 x 720


The Oblivionauts beta has been released with all features except dialogue and a sample map!

Oblivionauts is a platform for Skyrim mods that allows you to play Skyrim without the Skyrim world;justmods. The idea behind Oblivionauts is to provide you with a base, from which you can teleport toanynumber of modder-made maps. This allows modders to make places, quests, and items as much astheywant to without having to worry about conflicts and compatibility issues with the normal Skyrimworldand other mods.

Included is a sample map. This sample map is nothing more than a desert island, but demonstratestheOblivionauts portal system effectively. It can also serve as a template that mods authors can usetolearn about Oblivionauts and make their own maps and dungeons.

Oblivionauts has no extra requirements such as SKSE (The Skyrim Script Extender), and is simpletoinstall. Once installed, go to 'New' in Skyrim's Main Menu and select 'Yes' to start a new gameofOblivionauts.

Read the readme to learn how to install Oblivionauts. The installation process is simple, but MUSTbefollowed to install Oblivionauts correctly.

Visit the download page here to download the beta.

Oblivionauts Beta - Main

Sample Map
Oblivionauts - Sample Map

Combined (Main and Sample)
Oblivionauts Beta - Combined

The release version will be available after I have added dialogue and trading. The release version will be available on both ModDB and the Skyrim Nexus.

Beta Information for Modders:

Because Oblivionauts is in its beta stage, you will probably encounter some bugs and missing features. Dialogue and trading has not been implemented yet, and the levels need to be optimized more. Please report any bug or errors you find in the forums.

Currently, there is not much content for players in Oblivionauts. However, all of the core features are available for modders to start making their own maps for you to travel to. In the near future I will release tutorials on how to add your map to the Oblivionauts map list, as well as advice on how to make existing Skyrim mods compatible with Oblivionauts.

In conclusion, I have a question for you. Would you rather that I focus on improving and adding story and dialogue in Oblivionauts for the release, or would you rather that I focus on improving and adding features and options to the mod? I could spend my time writing conversations and working with voice actors to add dialogue, or I can spend my time making Oblivionauts more functional and useful. Let me know which you prefer.

Introduction Video


Velkan Screenshot
Oblivion Gate
Dearthwit Spire
Crafting Room


I read the post and I'm not sure this is what you're aiming for so I'm going to ask. Would this allow you to run multiple servers, each running different maps, allowing you to teleport between them, meanwhile keeping persistent player stats etc?

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Woverdude Author

No servers are required, just your normal PC. You have a base with an Oblivion Gate. You can use that gate to travel to any modder-made maps that you download as .esp plugins, as long as they are compatible with Oblivionauts.

However, I have thought about integrating this with Skyrim Online. That would allow something like what you are talking about, I think. Any number of people could login and travel to as many maps are on the server, while being able to interact and adventure together. Only one server would be required. Once the release version is available I may contact the Skyrim Online team and see if that could be set up.

Great question! Have I answered what you were wondering?

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The source code from Skyrim online and the total project is garbage and a scam. He copied all the difficult / important stuff from script dragon.

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Woverdude Author

Really? I didn't know that. That's unfortunate. The idea behind Skyrim Online seemed interesting, especially if it could work with Oblivionauts. If I had the time and knowledge necessary I would love to do it myself, but I was hoping to be able to use their system. I don't want to support a modder who steals content lazily, though.

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