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A proper use of chairs and baseball sticks during a meeting with friends...

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Hello everyone! Summer is approaching, and with it, also the release date of B.T.R., scheduled for June!
We are no longer in the skin, and while we can hardly contain the excitement for our debut on the global market, we have to stay very focused because we know that the next few weeks of development will be the most important and laborious.By now most of the features are implemented, so most of the work is to consolidate and stabilize the whole.

This week, half the team has integrated GameSpy libs for lobby, chatting and matchmaking services with good results, while the rest of the programmers (or perhaps I should write the other two of us;-)) continued to work on the objects and to refine and tweak the NPC.

Below is a video of our progresses where the objects, of course, recite the lion's share.
But attention also to the overlays you see in the video! They hide a juicy preview of "Team Battle" and "titan" game modes!

Also you can see new bloodprints on floor effect, in conjunction with little blood spits particle effect
and also dust effecton ground.

bobalong131 - - 154 comments

Animations and models still don't look right to me, Arms look oddly proportioned and animations look stiff, Also doesn't seem like there's much technique involved in fighting and the hitboxes don't seem all that accurate either.

All that said I'm still really interested.

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_1dt3k_ - - 54 comments

I agree the whole thing does look a little bit odd.

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Henley - - 1,973 comments

I believe that is called uncanny valley.

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DrRumpPhD - - 23 comments

Er, uncanny valley is were a robot/artificial human is so realistic its scary.

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RabbitFreak - - 10 comments

Are you kidding?

Capoeira animations are GREAT and regarding arm proportions they already replied that it's because they want real ife character proportions rather than action figures.

This indie game looks far more better than many action games i've seen recently, even some mainstream ones, and has much more fun because of the huge number of fighters in the brawl.
Yes, there are things to improve, ( and i'm sure they will, since it keeps getting better every week ) but i would buy it even now as is, if i would be sure to have the same gameplay of the video in an online match!

Can't wait to play it.

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bobalong131 - - 154 comments

I can't wait either, I think it will be fun. I don't care what they are modeling after though the models and animations still look wrong. When one of the male characters has his arm down by his side he barely can reach his pant pocket.

I want this game but I want it to be as good as possible which is why I leave constructive feed back with my opinion.

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Jack84 - - 3 comments

I disagree with you. The game looks good and if it was in the shop tomorrow under 20 bucks I'm gonna buy it!

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Daystranger - - 327 comments

Don't want to sound like an ***, but you're going to sell this?
Because right now it looks like rough alpha.
Not sure what you can do with it in 2 months.

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MaryUngu - - 4 comments


You don't want to sound like, probably because you are.

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indiean - - 2 comments

it seems very funny to me..
lol, if the online version has this gameplay
surely I'm gathering a The-Warriors-movie gang to punish some unlucky man!!!

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MaryUngu - - 4 comments

I've been following you on your site since last year, and now on your facebook page but I decided to create me an account here to reply to some nonsense that I read.

I like this game a lot and in my opinion it looks like a great action game even now.
The usage of objects remind me of DeadRising2 ( which is one of my favourite games )!

Regarding criticism of the animations ... they have fewer problems than those seen in the last game I bought (undead nightmare) that was priced more than 40 EUR ( e.g.: when you shot a zombie on the head from close there is an horrible interruption that forces animation )

Keep up the good work you started and do not you care of the criticisms of the envious and incompetent!

I wish you the best!

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CharletBrown - - 1 comments

think it is worth buying.. it's no so bad..

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.sverek - - 97 comments

can't judge from look...

but, there better looking free mods than this game.

Good luck with product! Hope it will be big someday.

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s87 - - 112 comments

I hope you'll include some pub level... pub brawl! xD

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TheBTRStudios Author
TheBTRStudios - - 31 comments

bobalong131, Moci and all the guys that have rightly pointed out the flaws:

We are grateful for your interest and we will take your valuable suggestions.
It is your constructive criticism that helps us to improve,
and we thank you all for this.

- The problem of the short arms raised few days ago and has been kept on standby.
As mentioned for some (I refer to Mickey) the effect was a bit 'tried'.
Given that some of you don't like, we are looking for a software solution that avoids
going over the rig. Otherwise,we will choose the second way.

- The problem of the animations sometimes stiff is simply a problem of calibration.
In our game animations and ragdoll mix, at times mix is ​​too much in one direction or another.
Calibrations are one of the things on which, unfortunately, we spent little time.
From 2 of May an outside person (who has NOT accustomed the eye to the defects like our team ;-)) will be assigned
exclusively to calibration and testing.
Due to the flexibility of our system of active ragdolls, changing a few values ​​via script clever you can get very good results.

- The problem of some animations from the questionable taste (I refer for example to the broom in the *** of the girl)
can be solved only asking feedback to the community.
Sometimes they look good to us, but, as said above, the eye of a dev team is often accustomed to certain defects.

RabbitFreak, Maryungu and to all those who love our game right now:
We promise that we will do everything possible to provide a better product than what you see now.

Finally i want to say that:

The last thing we want, is a flame war on our posts.
We would be very sorry if some of you will divide into fans and detractors.
We believe that a good indie game is the result of a continuous exchange of feelings between
developers and community during the important phases of the project.

That said, thank you all once again.
Give us confidence and we will not disappoint.


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bobalong131 - - 154 comments

I'd like to say thanks for paying attention to what we are saying, it sounds like you've got a good direction and attitude, I've got the utmost respect for you and your team and wish you all the best.

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Kinopio85 - - 1 comments

I like it!
And I cannot think about a similar game with the same gameplay.

It's true, the animations seem a little odd, but that's probably because we're used to less realistic ones with super-jump and stuff like that.

If it's going to be around 20 bucks, I'll buy it.

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Jack84 - - 3 comments

I believe in this game because is truly genuine idea with a good concept and gameplay ( that is probably the key for every success videogame ). I always loved to have fun with beat em up and this one, even if indie, looks great. I belive in this kind of games that grows under the influence of their fans community. Go on and you'll reach the goal guys!

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DillonBarba - - 74 comments

it looks like an old n64 wrestling game without the ring.

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Forzaroma - - 2 comments

I'm following this product since the first video and I sincerely think that this game represents a very fresh idea and it has a very very good gameplay and development quality. I can only imagine how many problems the developers had to solve to reach this quality.....

Anyway I think that all the suggestions coming from all of us are welcome, and I think that the developers of this game are professional and smart people and I'm really sure that this product will reach an incredible quality.

Consider also that, like other products, after the launch many "bugfix releases" will follow based on the suggestions coming from us, so please be patience until the product is finished, in the mean time we can publish any kind comment but be constructive in order to have the possibility to have a great product in the next few weeks.

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Nihkvalentine - - 1 comments

where can i download this game?

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