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Ahoy sailors! Climb aboard! Now drop anchor. Now read!

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Closed Alpha Testing begins this November and will be performed in waves.
Hey you! YES YOU! Do you think you have what it takes to survive the zombie horde? You do? Ok heres an M14, some grenades and a little cymbal monkey. Have fun!

In the near future we are going to begin Semi-Public Alpha Testing! That means you have until Winter to send Xieneus applications for closed beta testing. Requirements are (You must know how to install a Source mod, You must know certain commands, You must not be an ape with a chew toy for a brain).

So suit up. Send applications to Xieneus and prepare for the swarm of undead!

If you're denied for Alpha Testing. Do not resend an application. Just wait till the open beta sometime mid 2012.


Small Updates
--- We fixed the Crash at Round 6!
--- We got new weapons working! (Para, BFG, etc)
--- Gersch Device is currently being textured
--- Wunderwaffe is currently being textured
--- nz_Station6 is in works
--- nz_Blackout is in the works
--- nz_Firesale has been scrapped.
--- nz_Airborne has been scrapped.
--- nz_NachtDerUntoten is in the works.
--- Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes.


brianx323 - - 24 comments

i wanna be a tester :3

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DarkPivot - - 699 comments

Please understand that you should have some knowledge of mapping and the engine in general so you can have a better idea of how to report/ fix things. Also, if you know a good bit of gameplay theory, that would also help so you can give more helpful suggestions.

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ferdyfist - - 529 comments

If you still need a tester, I'm in.

I know slot about hammer, and how to fix things. I can also code, so maybe I can see if something fails there. Pm me if your interested.

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Zorklis - - 185 comments

I wanna be a tester Come on guys!!!
This looks way better than Nazi Zombies Portable!!!

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Zorklis - - 185 comments

Thoose Zombies do look happy :)
5 sec's later ""boom""boom"" 100 shots!!
Those happy zombies died!

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

I'd love to be a tester, even though I know basically nothing about mapping I can still manage to find bugs and I have some good ideas. At least I think they are. You can consider them bad. I like them anyways.

WELL Right, great job with the mod so far.

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Rookie718 - - 137 comments

I've been mapping for source engine for around 4 years, I have very good knowledge of hammer editor, however I do not know much about coding....But anyways I'd love to be a tester ;)

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JeeWizz - - 1 comments

I would happily be a tester! I pretty much know all the basic commands and i have been installing mods for the source engine for a few years now.

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