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The new NW3 gore system was released, specially for the ones who like to see blood, bones, flesh and guts in Unreal Tournament. Enjoy

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NW3 Ultra Gore SSE (Special Standalone Edition):
This is a release for Unreal Tournament concerning the new NW3 gore system.
It's called SSE given that it uses Nali Weapons 3 technology and features but it does not need Nali Weapons 3 to run at all, thus it can run with anything: normal weapons, NW3 (of course), ZP, Instagib, RX, etc...
It runs in any gametype, it can be customized from the server or the client, and all the gore effects run on the client alone thus not affecting the server itself at all.

NW3 Ultra Gore SSE

You can download it directly by going to the "Downloads" tab, or you can download it from here:

Enjoy :)

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