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A preview of Corporal Jenkins - a UAC Marine with multiple abilities beyond normal men, an NPC, and more!

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Download Version 0.5b!!!!

I have been putting in some serious time on Typhon. I've added dialogue with NPC's, and also a Powerful and scary custom boss encounter in the next section of the ship: Engineering

This section of the ship has mostly new texture that I have created. I am still getting my feet wet, but some are turning out pretty good. I want the feel of this section of the ship to be tight and industrial.

New Textures

new door

There will be several NPC encounters (some secret) on this deck. There is also a run in with a Coporal Jenkins:


Corporal Jenkins has several abilities. He is extremely fast, partially invisible and can teleport at will. He also packs an Uzi and will unload several dozen rounds on you very quickly! This is an intense part of the game!

I'll be posting more information (hopefully) weekly/semi-weekly. Weapons will still change, new items and abilities will be added for each class. There will be plenty of unique items, secrets and unique enemies to fight in Typhon. There are already side quests and off path areas and missions shaping up. Going off the main mission can lead to powerful items - and - terrible fates.

Check out some new gameplay footage below:

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