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A sneak peek video at game play on four maps from the first night of beta testing. Also some info on how you can help us out by testing!

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Late on Tuesday night Glass Attack had it's first ever testing. We played all five of the core maps and were able to get a general feel of what worked and made the gamemode fun, and what was just plain unenjoyable. All of the core maps offered something different, ranging from nonbreakable support beams beneath the glass to being made up almost entirely out of glass tunnels. Today I will be going back to fix up Steamroll, the core map which is not featured in the video, and try to fix it up and make it more fun.

Now you are probably all thinking, "what a poor quality video, I could barely even see what is going on!" Well, if you want to get a better look at Glass Attack, come join us for open testing! Since I have just been running the server from a spare laptop in my parent's house, it isn't up and available 24/7, but if you join the steam group right here you can get notified via Steam of when we will be testing!

I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to help me test. Even though it was a small group, your input was very helpful and I hope to see you all again next time we test.

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