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Renamed as Mountblade Warband Violence Basketball & Football , Football can only be triggered in wartime when playing with football fans in the field. The rules are temporarily similar to football, but the action and projection place are different.

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Renamed as Mountblade Warband Violence Basketball & Football , Football can only be triggered in wartime when playing with football fans in the field. The rules are temporarily similar to football, but the action and projection place are different.

add football mode

demo showbasketball skill gif

and then tell the whole update info since it primarily came out:

since v0.7 Renamed as Mountblade Warband Violence Basketball & Football , Football can only be triggered in wartime when playing with football fans in the field. The rules are temporarily similar to football, but the action and projection place are different.

V0.820 changes:

1. Fixed a bug where two players could not quit the game if they were less than 6.

2. Camping Settings screen. Now press the left and right arrows to preview the hero players.

3. In the beginning, for the sake of balance, we didn't have the patience to consider numerical problems, so we forced all units to reach the maximum attribute value before. In consideration of the particularity of heroes, now we also set aside 100 proficiency for all hero units initially

4. Player accelerates running with left control, and gives non-newly added hero units a set skill (Beast Charge/Accelerate Run/Unlimited Shield/Arrow) at random after opening.

5. Other bug adjustments.

V0.810 changes:

1. Add some familiar QQ group member ID avatar as the team uniform NPC, these players will get a random skill at the beginning of the game (Donghai, Qianshi, Xiao Luo, Xiao Yan, the end of summer, etc.)

2. Player teams with NPC heroes will have priority in playing all players.

3. Adjusted the timing of AI player's skill release.

4. Other fine-tuning

V0.800 changes:

1. Fix the problem that the ball may be suspended in the air after the cylinder trap arches the ball control unit, and optimize the bug detection method (automatic repair for abnormal air lag judgment).

2. The animalized RAMS and basketball animalized skills are now available to players and Swat nations. Other nations have initially added some skills. For example, Nord soldiers can use unlimited shield, summon a shield that can rotate around itself and control its radius, block arrows, and push people around.

3. Other local adjustments

V0.750 changes:

1. Add obstacles. Some obstacles will be raised and retrieved randomly on the site. The types of obstacles entered each time are random and unified, either wooden stakes or barbed wire, etc.

2. Some bugs and initialization Settings have been adjusted, the position of spectators has been adjusted, and the issue of spectators attacking each other has been fixed. Now they only shoot arrows at opposing players on the battlefield.

Violent basketball modV0.68:

1. Adjust the basketball court model and join the audience.Added soccer field scene but not used, planned to prepare for kung fu soccer.

2. Initialize all the parameters such as skill and attribute to reach the upper limit to ensure equal strength of both sides.

3. Press N to switch substitutes to take the player's place on the court when a teammate or opponent is dribbling

4. Initialize the basketball movement to avoid the opening game hanging on the court.

5. Add three dribbles: left-handed dribble, left-handed 180-degree turn and right-handed 180-degree turn.

Violent basketball modv0.66:

1. Fixed a bug where restarting the game after winning 20 balls would have a certain probability of the ball not being retrieved outside the game.

2. Fixed a bug where the Beast Charge ability would detach from the Beast Spirit when the ball handler was knocked down.

3. Fixed an issue where the defender's AI reaction was not consistent with the previous description, as well as not taking into account the difference in the full/half court position.

4. Adjust the player's initial attributes. The original initial values were set too arbitrarily and perverted, which was not fair to challenge the AI.

5. In the field, we added several high-class soldiers to the "basketball lovers" team. Before the form of team training was determined, when we played with other conventional troops, we might play with some low-rank soldiers with very low attributes, which was easy to be one-sided.

6. The opponent function for players to intercept and dunk in the air has been restored to W+Z. Fixed a bug where the ball might hang in the air and not fall down during the intercept.

7. The original 5v5 game was to draw 10 players from all the players, which meant that the players against us would be on the same team, but now it has been changed to draw 5 players from each team as basketball players

Violent basketball mod v0.65 changed content:

1. AI players can now use their skills on their own initiative

2. The playing scene has been expanded to field/training ground/arena/competition convention/siege city.

3. Adjusted the W +P test button for player midair tackles, but it is not recommended

4. Adjust two players in each team as defenders. When the opponent grabs the ball past the midfield, he/she should return to his/her own basket for defense.

5. Fixed a bug where Battle Damage Settlement does not display.

Violent basketball mod v0.64 changed instructions

1. Hitbox adjustment for characters

2. Now only the field battlefield and arena can enter the basketball mode, now a single side more than 20 balls will end the battle, the audience outside the stadium is no longer immortal state, the goal of one side will cause 30 psychological damage to the other side of the player and then cause troop reduction.

3. Added the bug of all melee when no one controls the ball when passing the ball.

4. Adjust the AI behavior. The teammate of the ball handler will no longer follow the ball handler, but will attack and interfere with the opponent's grab behavior of the ball handler.

Violent basketball mod v0.63 changed instructions

1. Fixed a new serious bug caused by fixing bugs in the previous version and simplifying the code - (AI will now fail to create melee when attempting to shoot).

2. Adjust the icon and material of the big map, and fix the problem that sometimes the concert stops suddenly

3. Fixed a new bug caused by fixing a bug in the previous version - (shooting behavior sometimes does not produce shooting action)

Violent basketball mod v0.62:

1. Adjust the setting of the basketball map and reset the code to fix the bug that our team may be repeatedly sucked back to the basket after a three-point dunk during the whole game, and the default start will be in the full-court mode.

2.Fixed a bug where the original ball handler on the ground when the ball was in the air could still trigger the Beast Charge effect.

Violent basketball mod v0.61 modified content:

1. Fixed the bug where players sometimes couldn't throw the ball and had to reset it after passing the ball.

2. When someone else is making a layup, the key is the same as your own layup. You must make sure that the ball handler triggers by pressing W + Z in your own perspective and within 500 range.

3. Restore the Warband section to create the game start function.

Violent basketball mod v0.6 Modified content :

1. Skills based on the 89-Xugong seventy-two changes:

Reptiles - Tiger and bear breath dribbling.

Dragon/Crane/Eagle layup.The dragon bites the ball/the crane or the hawk grabs the ball and shoots

These animals will be added later.

Among them, the animal breath of ball charging has standby running and attacking action. When holding W, it is running action. When holding W, it will have flying effect and animal attacking action.The flying animals that shoot for layups will only be added to the flying action for the moment, but you can find the attacking action in the model for later blocking shots and grabbing the ball.Reptiles and flying animals use different random sequences for random use of skills.In this game, the player presses J to play actively, and all players will play passively when their rage increases to 100.

And added the corresponding animal sound effects.

2. When repeatedly switch m to switch full/half mode may cause the player to shoot, temporarily didn't go to check the reason, when found to range can't pitch/dunk, you can ask others to attack or defensive action or by v, throw the ball out to others and can recover from this bug, so temporarily or Suggestions for half mode.

3. Fixed an issue where the ball was not on the ball when it was under uncontrolled control.

Violent basketball mod V0.5:

1. Lazily transplanted a set of my other Knave Tower mod Settings interface and blood blue bar status bar UI, set the interface mouse wheel to view the player's body.Ctrl accelerates mana consumption, H restores mana, and J removes mana from active skill (no initiative added).

2, adjusting the opening and press m cut half/full game mode to initialization problem (didn't pay attention before, so lead to switch may be bugs, especially the ball in mid-air switching mode) to switch full/half match, now all the state will return to zero, then the club immediately return to midfield position to start.

3. Fixed an issue where the Bumper with the Ball ability needed to take 6 extra nerves to clear rage instead of 2.

4. Slightly adjust the player's dunk position so that the ball can fall slightly from the inside of the basket.

5. When the ball misses and no one is in possession of the ball, the distance used to judge the first person to get the ball, but now a restriction is added that the ball must be in a certain position of the player facing forward to control the cue ball.

6. Added a set of music (move the Dragon Ball music for the time being, and then play three kinds of basketball related music randomly every time you start or enter the setting - two basketball fire songs, "Bullfight or not" and "Chicken you are too beautiful").

Violent basketball mod v0.4:

1. In addition to the existing AI that can dunk and shoot, the passing behavior of all the AI is added, but the passing track is not specified, so it can be passed to the opponent.

2. Since 10 players are selected by their own soldiers and the troops they encounter for 5v5, the remaining players will circle around the court, all armed with bows and arrows, to shoot people on the court and interfere with the basketball match.

3. Add transparent walls around the course.

4. Added basketball dribbling ability - Anger Dash: The effect is based on the tip in the lower left corner. As a ball handler, every time he is hit, he will increase his rage by 20. When he reaches 100, he will knock the player away from the front and then his rage will return to 0.

5. Players are now allowed to dribble the ball in the same way as the AI without using handheld weapons for attack or defense (kick is allowed). If this rule is violated, the ball will drop automatically and may be picked up by others.

6. Due to a bug in the whole game, in order to avoid this, we set up that when we shoot a 3 in the whole game, it will be passed to the player in seconds.

Violent basketball mod v0.2:

Press M to switch between half court and full court

Added prompt localization

Add score to record

- Fixed a bug where the ball could not be passed and picked up due to our AI midfield pass, as well as the decision to seize the ball due to off-field personnel not being excluded

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