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The Emptiness of Victory mod has been falling behind a bit. So we are now searching for people who would like to be apart of creating this wonderful mod.

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Lately our updates have been few and far between. This is very upsetting for all of us, however, most of the blame has to be centred on me for being so busy with school too focus on the mod. Longo is doing his best, but seeing he's going into University this year, he's feeling the stress, and pinch of trying to get ready for school, AND modding. Many of our fellow team-members have also not been able to complete much due too me finishing my exams, school work, and being in Europe for 2 weeks. As a result, things are lagging.

So, I have decided that we need some help. What we need are mappers. Mappers who are experienced, know how to create beautiful maps, that we can totally destroy with our guns and boots, and so on. Basically, we are looking for mappers who want to help out, make some maps, and help us speed up the mod.

*Note: We have two maps in mind. If you are intrested and would like to know more info, please contact me or General_Longo via private message to say how you think you could help the mod. The two maps we need made are a Eldar Madien World, (The battlefield is in a valley, while the main bases are situated on large hills, with a lake in one of the corners as well), and a Imperial Guard Trench system, complete with about 4-6 lines of trenches, an Imperial Guard bastion, or fortress in one corner, and a destroyed village full of ruins as the Eldar, or attacker, base. If you think you have the skills, please bring proof of your work. We would love to see it. Final decision will be between Myself and Longo.*

**Also please note: We are also looking for Equipment/Foliage modellers. Whether you can make a barrel, or a tree, or an Imperial monastery, we need help! If you would like to contribute in some small way, or even become our main modeller of battlefield and nature acsessories, please contact me.**


I would love to help but I can't map for ****! xD Sorry guys. :(

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