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It's been a busy month and I am happy how everything went, let's list the events from November.

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November is (almost) over and I'm very happy about the results from last month. Many things were released and everything is finally going in the right direction.

So let's have a look at what has been released this month:

  • Version 3.0 - I was a little worried first if we could make the release before the end of 2012 but at November 10th I was finally able to upload version 3.0. It was updated a few hours after uploading because of a glitch/issue (would you accept anything else with me?) but now it's fully working for most of us.
  • Version 3.1 - This version was uploaded Novemeber 22nd including nothing more than a few bug fixes and a new feature. 3.1 features random witches spawning in the free mode. This new feature is the only major difference between 3.0 and 3.1.
  • Mission Pack #1: Friends, Family, Fuckers - This first mission pack was released November 26th and was made in a single day. I don't know how but I got a sudden adrenaline rush out of nowhere and started scripting three missions for the pack. They were finished at the end of the day, followed by a few testing sessions and one or two days later I packed everything together and made it available for everyone.
FFF Screenshots FFF Screenshots
FFF Screenshots

Next release coming up is Mission Pack #2: Forrest Survival, adding new missions to the Scavenger faction.

Another small thingy I want to notice is the fact that Left 4 Theft is now also fully uploaded at . After uploading beta 1.0b to GTAG back in January my upload-ability broke and I wasn't able to upload anything anymore. A few days ago I discovered I was able to upload again and uploaded everything released since 1.0b. So if you are encoutering problems with downloading here, head over to GTAGarage.

Version 4.0?
What? Version 4? Yes, I am thinking about starting to work on version 4.0. To be honest, I am not fully satisfied with Left 4 Theft at the moment. I know I can make this better. I've made a little list today with a few points I definitely want to add to Left 4 Theft:

  • New missions - Simply a few new missions in San Fierro for example.
  • All Mission Packs - Like 3.0 contains all previously released DLC, I want 4.0 to contain all previously released mission packs to make it complete.
  • Realistic Mode - First scrapped, but now I really want to add this to the new version. It has a lot of potential and if I spend enough time on this I'm sure I can make this mode awesome. It was scrapped from 3.0 because it was too short and only featured one location.
  • Bug fixes - It seems people are still having problems with the latest version of the mod, and I know this always has been a huge issue with Left 4 Theft. I will try to find and fix as many bugs as I can if I start working on 4.0.
  • Other stuff - And ofcourse there will be more features and other stuff to expand the mod even further.

Please don't expect version 4.0 anytime soon as I am only thinking about it. As soon as I start working on it I'll let you guys know.

It's the time of the year again when we can vote for our favorite mods! I sure voted for mine, did you already vote?
Just like last year, you can also vote for Left 4 Theft. Last year the mod had no chance because it was started just a few months. But now, three major releases further, L4T might have a chance. So please vote for Left 4 Theft: San Andreas and let's get as far as possible!

Anyway guys, that was the "little" update for this month. Thanks for reading and stay tracking for updates!


Hey dude i was thinking.. can you like make a Mode that u can be infected like in the real Left 4 dead?? and ofcourse the abilities of the special infected ( I think Smoker ability is impossible )

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JopperX9 Author

You mean the versus mode from L4D? That is a very nice concept to work out so it fits in Left 4 Theft. Thanks for suggesting! :)

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Keep up the great work what you have so far is awesome

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Hey i notice a glitch with the inventory... everytime i switch between my M4 and AK47 it doubles the ammo ( For Example : M4 ammo is 100 after i switch it inventory AK47 ammo is 200 then when i switch back to my M4.. m4 ammo is 400)(Im using Version 3.1)

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JopperX9 Author

Sounds very usefull :p I can't do anything about it right now but I'll fix it if I start working on 4.0.

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