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Welcome ARES with open arms!!! Bug fixed and many enhancements.

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Hello, everyone. Eh? MOTY 2010 arrived? exciting!!! Well, Have you choose what mod is your win??

First, Let me explain what ARES is about.

ARES wrote: Ares is the new tool to extend the capabilities of Yuri's Revenge. It was conceived by pd near the end of 2007, and is currently in an early development and testing cycle.

is incorporated into Yuri's Revenge via the use of Syringe, a program developed by pd to 'inject' DLL code into a running executable without modifying the executable itself. In this case, the Ares DLL is injected into the Yuri's Revenge 1.001 main executable, gamemd.exe.

can be run directly via a command line prompt, or automatically using Launch Base. See the respective documentations of those programs for further details.

Thanks to ARES Development team for this beautiful tools.

I decided to use ARES for many reason, and it give many improvements such as

Spotlight for some units, Detector drone for example.

User Posted Image
You! have been spotlight...

Sink Graphics for Hammer tank.

User Posted Image
Look much better than he running above water.

and...Clearing garrison for Prism tank, Sickle(WIP)and Cremateur. (Interesting one) 1st Cremateur just damaged building, but below one cleared infantry inside, one left.

User Posted Image
Burn them with flames!!!

another improvements are adding new sides, superweapons, reenabling Tiberian sun logic and much more.

Is this an only update of this month? No, excactly no. I try to remake some original units now, this is a little pics from those.

Allied Grizzly tank
User Posted Image

User Posted Image more thing, if you please, just vote this mod for MOTY 2010. See you next time.

Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

Zenoniations, you have my Sword.

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ghobot21 - - 281 comments

Kick *** mod!! I voted for u :)

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