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The first version of AMK Retranslated is coming soon, very soon. In this article I outline what's in it, and what's to come later.

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EDIT: I was expecting authorization of the mod itself to take at least a day, but it only took a few hours. So the release is now October 30th, how about that. Have fun with it!

If there's one thing I've learned from the development process of AMK Retranslated, it's to never underestimate how long writing takes when you're taking dictation from Google translate. AMK Retranslated started as a project that was supposed to take two weeks to create, something I'd bang out in my free time over the summer. Two weeks wasn't nearly enough time, so I delayed it. And then I delayed it again. The second time I didn't bother posting a new release date, and simply said "It'll be finished eventually." I later specified Fall 2011 for the release date, a target I'm happy to say I hit pretty perfectly (for once).

Yes, AMK Retranslated version 0.1. is being released November 1. Why version 0.1 and not 1.0? Not all of the text has been fixed yet, to put it simply. All of the most important text, such as new quest dialogue, text pertaining to artifact transmutation recipes, and stories told by NPCs central to the main quest, have been overhauled. There's still more work to be done, but what I have so far is more than enough to release as general fix, and will be posted shortly as version 0.1.

More updates will role out in pretty quick succession after the 0.1 release. I want to finish and release the Duty area dialogue as quickly as possible because it's some of the most unreadable text in the game (as well as being one of the areas where the player spends the most of his time), but I won't let it hold up the 0.1 release. The eventual release of version 1.0 will be the version of the mod with perfect comprehensiveness - none of the text will be left untranslated.

I'd like to thank everyone who expressed interest in this mod for your support and goodwill, knowing I was releasing this mod to a group of people who care about it was a big part of my motivation to get the work for the mod done. Happy Halloween and good hunting, stalkers!

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Things tend to seem easy when they're in the idea phase, it is putting them into practice that you end up with more problems that arise from some of the things you change that can change many other things.

Even with that said, I think I appreciate your mod more than my own, AMK was a mod that was shoddily translated, and in some ways it never lived up to its reputation because of this.

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