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Just addressing a few things. (Traffic/Game/Updates)

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Hello viewer! We'd like to inform you about a few things!

First off, we are not using any sort of traffic manipulation tricks/tools. We check this page every other day (To see the comments/downloads/ect). We have not used any sort of program that would increase traffic, or any tricks. VCS' mod page has been quiet when it comes to updates because the multiplayer is being tweaked a bit. Say what you want, but we haven't used any exploits.

Secondly, the game itself is currently bugged for most players. Some people are experiencing bugs where you cannot play missions, or certain objectives will not work. This bug is caused by something in Maxorator's Vehicle Loader (MVL). This bug has been addressed and Maxo is currently working on it.

Next up, the upcoming update is going to be released soon. We're experiencing some issues with the newer main.scm file. We're also updating some of the map textures so the game seems more modern. For example, the bill boards at the airport have signs from GTA IV.

Lastly, we WILL be crediting the mod creators. Don't worry about that :)

Alright! We hope this fills some of your questions.

-VCS team

Guest - - 696,540 comments

Yeah - and you're third day in a row in top 100 mods, reaching <50 position, without ANY updates. It's cheating!
Staff should definitely do something with you guys - I can't stand it anymore.
Your mod is simply a compilation of stolen stuff. Anybody can make something like this!
And stop pretending, you don't know anything about the web traffic! Look at the other mods and teams, doing something by their own and now copying/stealing ready-to-go addons.
You should be reported, thiefs.

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theNGclan Author
theNGclan - - 39 comments

It'd be really nice if you had something to back you up on your whole traffic manipulation theory. It's funny how you're just trying to make the modification look bad when you're hiding behind a guest account. But then, anybody would be afraid of using an account if that meant people would see who spouted out your poor argument. Cheers!

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