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gearbox is making HD remakes of HW 1 and 2 so might not be much point in going on. putting on ice for now.

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Good morning Vaygrs, Hiigarans, Kadeshi, Taiidan's, fellow Turanics and Bentusi who deem this important enough to attend.

well, mister vlad said it, Gearbox seems to have taken it upon themselves to remake this game in HD(whatever that means), and they might just do a better job than me :D I am therefore putting this mod on ice until such time as I can establish whether or not it is worthwhile to continue(if they screw it up or something). I hope they do screw it up though, I was very proud of this mod up to now and it opened an unexpected door for me that otherwise would have never even presented itself. would be sad to see it die.

I will make it plain though, I will continue if I don't like their product.

ah well, I don't have much more to say... 100 members well, how about that

cheers gentlepeoples, have a good one

Xan_Krieger - - 232 comments

Look at the history of Gearbox, yeah they're gonna screw it up.

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BlazingAngelz - - 437 comments

Noooo :/

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Timmy51m - - 49 comments

You can't quit now chief! They could be years away from doing anything and with such vague details who's to say what it will be like anyway, they might just update the textures on the backgrounds and nothing else.

You've done way too much work to let it go to waste, patch it up and release it as is if you haven't the time to complete it, there's loads more people here waiting to have a bash at your work than you realise I reckon, it's the silent majority innit ;)

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bishibosh - - 137 comments

oh god no please continue this project :(

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