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Hey! This is the weekly update! You probably know that Me and myself, like the sun and the moon is gonna be some sort of homage to many of those old school NES / Famicom RPG games we all love, but maybe you are still wondering what’s so “different” about it. So here, my friend, let me enlighten you a little bit…

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Battle System
The battle system is gonna be a weird combination of several things. First you can see the enemies moving on screen but when you enter a battle the terrain is gonna be randomly selected from a bunch of pre-designed levels. Also, there’s no way to know what kind or how many enemies you are gonna face. So in a way this should get rid of the annoyance of random battles while leaving the surprise element intact.

Battles are action based. You are moving and controlling your character all the time. No need to wait turns or choose commands from a list. Your character attacks using long range weapons only. There’s a bit of strategy involved too, sometimes you may run out of ammo, so your best option could be to run away, but if you do it you risk dropping money from your pockets when escaping, hey, that kinda stuff happens! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I don’t remember any NES or Famicom game with a battle system like this, so, definitively it’s gonna bring fresh air to some…

Mature themes were scarce, if existent, on the old 8-bit consoles. For many reasons. But I think it’s pretty interesting to see how an 8-bit game, with all of its limitations, could have handled these.

By mature I don’t necessarily mean gratuitous profanity or gore (it’s present, but just as needed). More than anything, I mean complex situations. A storyline that’s more intricate than the average NES game plot.

Audio Design
Audio design is more than composing some tunes and sound effects. It’s about working along the game design and the diverse situations to create a more immersive experience. Rich, in charge of the audio, is doing great stuff in this field. He’s planning on adding situational music as well as location based tracks. He’s making “voices” for every character on the game and awesome ambient sounds too. Of course this isn’t anything radical in games nowadays, but back in the day it wasn’t common.

As you can see, Me and myself, like the sun and the moon is trying to get some current trends and mix them with old school concepts to create something different, and hopefully, awesome too. We aren’t just trying to rip off Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, we are creating something new and special. For all of you, of course.

So thanks for reading and don’t miss our next weekly update!

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