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A basic update about the mod and where it's at. Some new features and an explanation as to why all the slowness.

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Well hey everyone, it's been awhile since you've seen an update I know, but don't worry the mod isn't dead. It's just simply in a hibernation of sorts. Many new components of the mod are reliant on resources from others to be made and be available to me to put in the mod, well those resources are going to take awhile so we're going to be waiting for the forseeable future. But I would like to tell you all about some more stuff that I have been able to work on.
New Playable Factions:
Rakatan Remnant
Dread Imperium
These faction are being made playable with their own buildings and expanded unit lists to give them more depth.
That's the biggest thing I can tell you about, right now everything else i'm working on is still very esperimental so understandably i'm not going to talk about it in case it doesn't work.
Anyway thanks for not giving up on this mod. We're definitely not dead.

Darth_Saber - - 917 comments

Sounds good; with hints like those in your post to dwell upon, the time will pass quickly.

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sinay - - 370 comments

Looking forward to it.

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bubbuba - - 63 comments

i cannot wait!

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bubbuba - - 63 comments

its going to be amazing

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Lazerbrain - - 5 comments

Sounds awesome! Any idea when we can expect an updated version released?

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