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Happy birthday, I'm still alive. I'm here to attempt to explain why this mod has been borderline dead and why its taking 3+ years in the first place.

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Been a while, huh?

Major thank you to everyone who still cares about this mod 3 years on from its inception point. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to pay back with as things are right now.
As is likely obvious, this mod and all my HN work has had to largely been put on the backburner as I focus on other more important things in my life. Not only have I simply not had the time to work harder than I'd like to be, I've also been wrestling with my dwindling interest in HN and HN modding as a whole.
That last bit may worry you, but I promise you that I will finish this mod and you will be able to play it eventually.

Most of the work over the past 2-ish years has been put into the basement level for the mod. Unfortunately a lot of it has been scrapped, but progress has been made and is being made.
I would love to show off what has been worked on, but I feel it will be more fun to keep it obscure to it's more of a surprise when the final release eventually comes out.

That being said, I won't leave you with absolutely nothing.

Just remember: I'm only one person, and I have priorities higher than this mod, so bare with me. I love you all.

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I hope you're doing okay, I know how hard It can be to work on a Mod like this one. With stuff like Demotivation can cause a Lack of Progress, But You can do whatever you want even if that Means either, rushing out the Mod in a buggy/Unpolished state. or Taking some time, maybe breaks from now & Then. And Cleaning and Polishing the mod.

Remember at the end of the day, It's your mod, you can do Whatever you want with it.

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