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Reveals how to unlock hidden upgrades, features and a fully voiced sidequest!

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Happy N7 Day everyone!

Nos Astra Mineral Exchange has two hidden upgrades, the ability to unlock a terminal on the Shadow Broker's ship that provides a discount, and an entire fully voiced sidequest. I don't believe anyone's found the hidden features yet and since I don't have a mod for release, I've decided to release a video explaining how to access these features.

Unlock cut upgrades like the Shifty Cow Endoskeleton:

Shifty Upgrade

Or the Quarian Shield upgrade:

Quarian Shield Upgrade

But be careful....

Small Print Comprehension Failure

Read the small print or you may fine yourself locked out of the Normandy.

Normandy Impounded

And then you might have to get your ship back by making some...unconventional bargains in a fully voiced sidequest, with journal integration, squadmate comments, multiple resolutions and an original character.

Silica 1

Silica 2

But don't worry too much. If you screw up really badly, Liara will save you. Probably.

Email from Liara

Discount Terminal

Happy N7 Day! Enjoy the mod!

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