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North and South is a Napoleonic Wars mod, based in the American Civil War. It is released as version 1.0 now!

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After 2 1/2 years of development, North and South: First Manassas (beta 0.5) is going into its first full release.

North And South - First Manassas

North and South - First Manassas

The new version offers lot of new features and tons of great models, made by Docm30 - the developer of L'Aigle

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What is North and South - First Manassas?

The United States of America - in the Year 1861. The Union and the Confederate States of America are at War.
Both sides fight in the biggest war on the american continent: The American Civil War 1861-1865!

The modification features theBattle of Manassas, which was the first big battle of the Civil War.
On July 21st, 1861 both armies clashed near Manassas junction and the river Bull Run. It should be the first and last battle of the war.

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Reworked Uniforms

• ALL Uniforms are replaced by high quality models, which are made by Docm30 - the Developer of L'Aigle
(check it out: )

British Soldier and Zouave Officer
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Complete new Environment!

• In cooperation with our sister mod - "Blood & Iron" a complete new envirenment with new plants, objects, skybox and more was added!
(check it out:

• Tons of new mapping objects like western buildings, wanted posters, trains, supply carts and many more!

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New Battlefield tactics and features!

• Bayonets: Fix Bayonets and when you charge them, yell like Furries!
• Ammo Boxes: resupply crates to refill your ammo
• Bleeding: If you survive a hit, you can bleed to death after some seconds
• Medics: To stop bleeding, you are able to spawn as a field medic now. Medics have bandages to fix up wounded soldiers
• Chaplains: Take out your bible, bless your troops or worship the developers of this mod
• Balloons: Get into a balloon and recon for your team!

Ammo refill
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New units and ingame regiments!

• New units are added - like Pennsylvania Lancers, Partisan Rangers, 79th NY - Cameron Highlanders, VMI Cadets and more!

VMI Cadets
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• First unique player regiments added into the game!

14th Brooklyn
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Foreign Intervention!

• "Foreign Intervention": A new "what if, ..." scenario brings in troops of 4 different nations, which joined the War!

On July 25th, 4 days after the confederate victory at Manassas, France and England declared war on the United States of America!
While an Expeditionary Corps was sent to Richmond, Virginia.. the Mexican Army started a second Invasion of Texas and declared war on the Confederate States of America.

What would YOU do, if that "What if..." Scenario took place?

British Highlander and Mexican Soldier
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Commander Battles!

• Reworked Commander Battle mode - regiments will march into the battle with flags, musicians, officers and NCO's

AI Commander Battles with Flags/Officers

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1) Run the downloaded "NaS Setup" file!

2) The installer should point out your correct Mount&Blade folder automatically. If its the wrong folder, please navigate yourself!

3) The installation path should end with \North and South First Manassas. If its a different folder, please make sure to edit!

4) Play the game and have fun!

(for server hoster only)

No server files available.
Please get in contact with the developers!

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If you would like to support us

North and South is being developed without any other funding than what the community chooses to donate to us.
There are no wages and there have never been. Everything you see is created out of pure will and passion regarding the project.

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North&South Team

Kanade Tachibana

North&South Community Supervisor


Mod Supporter and Contributors

Docm30, Mailman, Chadman, ComradeCrimson,
Flemmi, Primergy, usnavy30, BetaKnight, CKtheFat,
Rigadoon, Penis Colada, Azrooh, Austro, Baz44331,
Friedrich, Von Afton, GoKiller, Jaakko, GABRILDURO,
YellowMosquito, Col. Mack, Diplex, The FSE Team

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tom102 - - 1 comments


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elispappi - - 1 comments

North and south 1.1?

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PrimitiveArcher - - 1 comments

Hello, hope someone can help. I am having a small issue trying to run the game. Everytime i run the game is crashes......the is what i get Unable to open file: moduels/north and south first manassas/resource/napo_textures.brf

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Guest - - 695,054 comments

I can't seem to download as it says I need the Napoleon conquest dlc even though I have it

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Argeomer - - 5,583 comments

Awesome :D Im downloading right now

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
[66e]Ryder - - 19 comments

hey why did you delete it off of moddb, I mean if it needs work ok. But you haven't said anything of it. And so far everyone says it out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
charliedaniel2015 - - 2 comments

im having the same problem

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BrimM91 - - 101 comments

Downloading :)

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Guest - - 695,054 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

Aww man, you had to release this on the day World of Warships came out to open beta, damn you! :D

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GeneralDoge - - 16 comments

Damn youu, damn you all to hell! Some one better get that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

Either Planet of the Apes(but you are missing "god" before "damn you all to hell"). Or Stewie Griffin from Family guy used to say the same thing :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jesusfreak - - 770 comments

Isn't that from Haunted Mansion?

(This was meant as a reply to TigerGuy.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Radar11m - - 694 comments

I can't seem to load the game it freezes at 75%. xD

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[WoR]Hinkel Author
[WoR]Hinkel - - 111 comments

When you start the client.. go on configure and activate "Load Textures on Demand"!

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Nova216 - - 60 comments

are the guns/rifles more accurate and faster to reload than vanila?

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