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NordInvasion 1.8.3 - Full Client Release - Loot System Rework

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1.8.3 Client Release

In this update we are taking massive steps to improve the NI economy and trading experience, adding many quality of life features, and preparing for future updates.

First off, the loot system has been completely remade. The new system has a significantly more even distribution and does not nerf the experience or loot chance of smaller teams; having fewer bots already does this sufficiently. In the new system, your individual loot rate will be the same for every bot of each type you kill: the size of your team, number of people alive, and other factors will not change the chance of you looting. Having more people on your team will only increase your chance of getting loot by increasing the number of bots per wave. This new system will also give you far more loot per run, balanced out towards demand. You will (hopefully) not be looting 5 Wood of Glasir for every 1 Small Lump of Lead anymore. Although the new loot system is implemented on all servers, only Normal, Hard, and Ragnarok have had their drop tables significantly altered.

The drop table itself has also seen a significant overhaul, separating the materials out between the modes based on tier. For example, plants will be best found on Normal mode and will never be seen on Ragnarok, whereas Hardened Metal will be plentiful on Hard mode, but will have a low chance of dropping on Ragnarok. This is to encourage players to play different modes and trade materials between each other to get everything they need to craft new items. In addition to this, legendary items have been spread out so that each one drops from only one Nord (other than the Valsgarde... its special) and many more mixed and challenge wave Nords are capable of dropping legendary items. The legendary items have also been organized by mode, so you won't be finding a Tempest from Prince or a Dragon Axe from Odin.

Next, a new item tier has been added - Awakened Legendary items. Recipes used to upgrade your legendary items are now available at the highest levels of House Crafting. These recipes allow you to salvage or sacrifice old items to the gods in order to upgrade your legendary to reach its full potential. These recipes will only be available for a month at a time before the supplies run short and the gods change their desires. It is possible that future iterations of the same item may have different recipes. These items are not meant for everyone to be able to obtain, nor are they something people are supposed to amass. They are for the few people that want to upgrade specific legendary items they have grown attached to.

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