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NordInvasion Client Release: NordInvasion 1.1.5 - "Item Updates"

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NordInvasion 1.1.5

Hello NordInvasion community!

To kick off the new year we are introducing many stat changes to different types of equipment and are adding plethora of new items for you to discover and use to your advantage. In addition to several new top tier items, previous gaps in progression were revisited and new items were added to help in the leveling process. Finally, several items have had their model edited or have received completely new models. A full item manifest is listed below. Crafting recipes will be made available shortly.

Item changes

  • Worm Bane +4spd -3c
  • Aurora Blade +2c
  • Eastern Katana +1spd
  • Steel Bastard Sword +2c
  • Steel Bastard Crusader's Sword +3spd
  • Tempered Steel Bastard Sword +3c
  • Apsod's Legendary Sword of Kokt Torsk -1spd +4c
  • In/Justice +2c +2p
  • Thunder Pike +3c
  • Dragon Spear +1p
  • Dragon Halberd -3spd +4c
  • Sun Pike +1spd +3c
  • Royal Scale Armor -3weight
  • Swadian Surcoat Overmail -1body
  • Bolts +3p
  • Steel Bolts +4p
  • Heavy Bolts +4p
  • Gold Bolts +5p
  • Bronze Bolts +6p
  • Onyx Bolts +10p +2ammo
  • Royal Shield +50hp
  • Tracker Boots +1leg
  • Light Plated Boots +2leg
  • Kriegsmesser +2spd
  • Bolt Tosser -3p
  • Leather Overmail +3leg
  • Partizan +3spd +3c
  • Corsesca +2spd +3c

8 Edited or Remodeled Items:
Swadian Surcoat Overmail
Knight Helmet
Verloren Plate
Dead Shot
Bulwark of Swadia
Knight's Sword

Grinder Helmet is no longer usable by Rangers, instead they get Studded and Noble Steel Gauntlets
24 new crafted items!
15 new legendary items!

NordInvasion 1.1.5

The NordInvasion updater is available here

The full patch is available here


The NI Family

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