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You could say we've been slacking off recently - and if you did you would be correct. This post will explain the delays as well as what to expect in the near future.

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As the summer holidays draw to a close (for my school at least); the encroaching realisation of being back at school haunts the days and nights of this development team. Even though we would like to be working, the short answer is: we aren't. Though do not fret, though school does impede on the amount of work we can do on the game it does mean that it is very easy for us to remain in contact; thus making it easier for us to make progress in what time we do have.

The Future

With the re-mastered level one requiring some finishing touches and the all too necessary game logic and voice acting, a demo is one step closer to reality - also getting us one step closer to a Defy The Odds (The Game Creators forum community contest) entry. Hopefully, with input from the full team, we can begin to shape the levels ahead - as well as make some interesting locations.

Sorry for how short this update is, and sorry for the lack of screenshots. Nonetheless it was about time we updated the page.

Thanks for reading!
- J. H. Langley, Rouge Lead Developer, Level Designer

dave_5430 - - 2,114 comments

No updates? o.o What you mean, no updates?

x3 Updatin' far more than all the other games n mods out there, they suck compared to you guys.

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1996Langley Author
1996Langley - - 19 comments

It is comments like that that make me a very happy developer, however, part of the way we develop is to keep the public updated as often as we can to ensure there are no issues that the community have with the game.

Community is everything when it comes to us developing. So I thought I'd explain why we haven't updated. Also: "they suck compared to you guys" made my day!

Glad you are following the game!

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