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The No More Crates: Phase One Update is live! Earn Robits and XP with Daily Quests and forge Cosmetics with Cosmetic Credits. Info at

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If you've been following our social media and website updates, you'll be well aware that we're removing all forms of loot crates from Robocraft. We've always been clear that removing them from the game would be a massive undertaking and that it would take time; it isn't simply a case of just turning them off. In order to get the changes to you quicker, we said that we would be removing them in stages (or as we're calling them, phases).

Today we released Phase One, which saw the removal of purchasable crate bundles from the in-game store and daily login rewards. Alongside this we introduced Daily Quests, an exciting way to earn XP and Robits as well as a new Cosmetic Credits (CC) currency. Please note that end of battle reward crates and level up crates will remain until the introduction of Tiers. The full patch notes are below.


Cosmetic Credits - Cosmetic Credits can be used in the Forge to create cosmetic parts to make your Robots stand out from the crowd. Bundles of cosmetic credits can be purchased from the in-game shop or earned by recycling unwanted cosmetic items. Cosmetic Credits are available to purchase from the in-game shop in bundles priced at:

  • 100 Credits - £1.19 / $1.49 / €1.49*
  • 500 Credits - £3.99 / $4.99 / €4.99*
  • 1,000 Credits - £7.99 / $8.99 / €8.99*
  • 2,000 Credits - £11.99 / $14.99 / €14.99*

*Your local currency will be displayed in the in-game shop

Forgeable Cosmetics - With the introduction of Cosmetic Credits, we have once again made it possible for players to forge their favourite cosmetic parts in Robocraft. Players use purchasable Cosmetic Credits to forge cosmetic items or a combination of Cosmetic Credits and Robits to forge Cosmetic weapon or movement part skins such as the Carbon 6 variant parts.

Daily Quests - Players can earn XP and Robits for completing daily quests.


With the removal of daily login crates, we have introduced a new way to earn XP and Robits in Robocraft with Daily Quests. Simply login daily to receive a new random quest; complete it to earn XP and Robits. You can have a maximum of 3 Quests active at anyone time and once per day you can reroll a quest you don't want. If you're a premium player, you'll earn 2x XP and 2x Robits from completing quests. Please note that Daily Quest rewards can not be earned through playing Custom Games or Play vs AI mode.

Improved in-game menu navigation - We have updated the top navigation bar in Robocraft, giving it a cleaner look. As well as a cleaner menu, the top navigation screen now displays both your Robits and Cosmetic Credits balance as well as your player level and Premium time remaining.


  • Removal of purchasable Salvage Crate bundles from the in-store shop - With this update it is no longer be possible to purchase Salvage Crate bundles from the in-game shop. Players who have unopened crates in their account will still be able to open them when logging in.
  • Removal of crate reward for tutorial completion
  • Removal of Daily Login crates
  • Cosmetic items will no longer drop in any Salvage Reward Crates
  • Robots built with cosmetics that have been uploaded to the CRF can be downloaded and constructed using Robits and Cosmetic Credits if the player does not own the necessary parts to construct the robot
  • Cosmetic Part Rarity Changes - We have changed the rarity of some parts to match cosmetic versions to the correct non-cosmetic versions:
    • Blade Insect Leg rarity change to Rare, was Epic
    • Bat Wings rarity changed to Rare, was Epic
    • Bat Rudders rarity changed to Rare, Was Epic
    • Spike Needle rarity changed to Rare, was Uncommon
    • Spike Pin rarity changed to Rare, was Uncommon
    • Eagle Mask rarity changed to Epic, was Uncommon
    • Single Vapor Trail rarity changed to Uncommon, was Rare
  • EAC SDK Updated
  • Texture optimisation to Headlamp part


  • Fixed a bug which caused Tank Track audio not to play
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some players from uploading a robot to the CRF if they had previously reported one
  • Fixed a bug which caused the UI to be temporarily out of sync if a player pressed the ESC key while capturing a point in Battle Arena modes
  • Fixed a bug which caused the UI to be temporarily out of sync if a player reconnected to Battle Arena or League Arena modes
  • Fixed a bug which caused inconsistencies with the Core Capture/Defend icon animation in Battle Arena modes
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from blinking through their own Disc Shield Module
  • Various translations corrections
  • Fixed a bug where a player reconnecting to a Custom Game would not have the set values for the game
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Steam Verification email not to send


Check out the Developer Vlog for this update below.

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