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A new TC for ECWolf, requires latest dev version of ECWolf and Wolfenstein 3D 1.4.

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This is a new TC for Wolfenstein 3D, using the latest dev version of ECWolf (click here to download), using resources from Nitemare 3D by David P. Grey. This also features 10 all new levels (9 regular and 1 secret), utilizing some of ECWolf's exclusive features, such as
new weapons, new and interesting enemies, switch activated doors, ROTT-style elevator/teleporters, map sizes over 64x64, breakable scenery and walls and
much more!


The evil Dr. Hammerstein has once again kidnapped your sweet Penelope! This time, he's taking no chances with you and barricades himself in an even more dangerous and haunted mansion. You must travel through graveyards, a haunted house, underground catacombs, and even alternate dimensions to get back Penelope! Can Hugo once again defeat the evil Doctor and rescue the damsel in distress? Or is he gonna be Frankenstein-chow????


NITEMARE 3D by David P. Gray
Wolfenstein 3D by id Software
ECWolf by Blzut3

Mook sprites and sounds from Nitemare 3D Doom mod by MetroidJunkie (for some reason my version has some subpar alternate sprites)
Special thanks to Adam Biser for his ripping utility and IMF converter
Also thanks to Sigma64 for helping on switches and stuff
all Nitemare 3D graphics and stuff originally by David P. Gray and modified by AstroCreep
Extra graphics from Wolf3D, SOD, Doom, Rise of the Triad and Blake Stone
Scripting and mapping by AstroCreep
IMF Music from Nitemare 3D, converted by AstroCreep using IMFCreator
HQ OGG Remixes by AstroCreep


EXPLORE EVERYTHING! Some things are behind pushwalls. Some things
are behind doors that can be only opened by switches. Sometimes, walls
and objects that can be destroyed are blocking the path. Just because
it seems like you're stuck, doesn't mean there isn't a way out! It
may be behind a switch or a touchplate....

SWITCH WEAPONS OFTEN! Conserve your ammunition by using the lower
powered weapons on the weaker enemies! You don't wanna face off against
Dracula with a tiny little Plasma Pistol!

USE THE AUTOMAP!!!! It's easy to get lost! These maps are huge!!






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