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this update is about version 1.0.7, changelog is also included

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Company of Heroes: Operation Europe 1.0.7 Changelog:
- improved Weather/Day/Night system
- Tank may be abandoned half a minute after a critical have been applied
- lowered cost on the sturmtigers Rocket shot ability
- increased damage taken from the sturmtiger
- increased damage taken from the Ferdinand
- added wooden bunker for all factions
- added scout unit for all factions
- removed the Bofors emplacement(bofors can still be produced)
- improved AI
- added the M4A2 Sherman Tank for the Americans
- added the M4 105mm Sherman Tank for the Americans
- added pak 36 for wehrmacht
- added stug III for wehrmacht
- replaced the doctrinal M2A1 Howitzer with M7 Priest
- M2A1 Howitzer is Non-Doctrinal and buildable
- pioneer is a 5 man squad
- engineer is a 4 man squad
- made all tanks(not halftracks, jeeps and motorcycles) give heavy cover
- added a SP(SinglePlayer) map (this map will be an addon for the mod)
- made Allied medic stations heal units with medic

Company of Heroes: Operation Europe 1.0.7 Known/Possible Bugs:
- Sync-Error when enemy/friendly command unit dies
- Sync-Error when starting the Train Station map in PvP mode
- Sync-Error when playing the allied/axis mini-co-op campaign missions

Sync-Errors might be fixed, but since these only occour in multiplayer. They get a lot harder to find.
And something is British is missing, also known as a light tank.

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