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Look for auto-upgrades and powerups................

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i've been working on a simple RPG type system where the player gets upgrades for kills. it doesn't work so well if frikbots are active however. there's also been a consistent "stack overflow" crash for a long time that i seem to have figured out. increasing heapsize seems to fix it. i'm going to try cleaning up various entities like ammo drops that sit around for a while and take up space.

so if anyone cares...

upgrade questions:
more powerful jump or jetpack?

actually i think that's the only question

Biodude - - 2,029 comments

well bondo good to see you are around again :), I like the more powerful jump, but can get annoying because if you need to make a small jump, you jump way too high. I'll say jetpack

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Leicheh - - 180 comments

more powerful jump.

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