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Some news and thoughts on upcoming update and future releases.

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Hello, Everyone!

New update is almost ready, and today I'd like to tell you a little about new features and plans for future game updates.

Update v.3 Levels

Update v.3 Levels

  1. More levels. First of all, I've added new levels with new features and of course new puzzles. Since game is easier now (from start), introductory levels added. You'll learn more about use of physics, gravity switching and different player movement tricks in a game.

  2. Levels restructure. I've changed the order and difficulty of the levels. Now game has to be more simple from start and has a lower learning curve.

  3. Exploration. This is a big one. Firstly, you will need to find keys to open some doors now. This means secret rooms, hidden passages, more corridors and shortcuts, doors and puzzles. Secondly, gravity guns will have limited ammo, so you'll have to look for supplies. Did I said guns? Never mind...

  4. Teleports. As you have already seen in a trailer, Inverto makes use of teleports, its not a mega revolutionary feature, but it adds complexity to the puzzles I'll present in near future.

  5. Energy circuits. If you saw trailer, you've seen them in action. Teleports, for example are connected with a circuit line which defines a teleportation point. Circuits can have branches, which means different teleport can be chosen. Some objects are powered by them, like, bridges, doors, force fields (oops, a new feature). In this case different branch powers different device etc.

  6. Physics. Actually it's not new but used in a new way. Some parts of a level might be blocked from player access, but it's not always have to stay that way. Proper use of heavy objects and physics may break out a new way for you. Like this giant bit in a trailer you've all seen.

  7. Gyroscopic switch. Some switches in a game does not require player interaction, rather it uses gravity direction. Just like in real life gyroscopes do. That means some devices connected to such switch, can be turned on only when gravity vector is correct.

  8. There are a lot of other ideas that are not implemented yet. Like gravity marker, timed gravity or gravity zones, which I'd like to tell you about, but will leave it for later.

So tell me what you think of this in a comment section. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for upcoming update!

Note: Not all of described above features will be included in next update. But they will definitely be present in a future releases.

P.S. Indiegogo campaign is still active, so I'm still asking you to support this project by spreading the word about it. Thanks!

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I'm stoked! I played the demo and it was really cool ^_^ I'ma support it tommorow

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defaxer Author
defaxer - - 61 comments

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

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