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Hay there, it's Dan here and welcome to real clone wars world again. Today i would like to make some things clear.

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Ok so first thing i'd like to begin with is commenting. Some of you are beginning to care about bringing models to game or poly count. And i beg you - stop doing this! You know IT is my hobby and its sth i'm very familiar with, you know? And trust me i know what i'm doing. And trust me i know how to bring my models to .ALO format so phlease stop taking care of it.

Second things are pms - i get about 20 a DAY! So anything you want to say or ask about the mod, do it in comment field and ask it! Many of you do not comment nor they ask anything - big mistake.... IF YOU WANT TO KNOW STH, ASK FOR IT! I DO NOT BITE :) OR TELL WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE NEW MODEL/UNIT>

Next thing, if you ask me about sth about anything that is not picture itself in a picture's comment field- do not expect me to answer. Ask for it in a summary comments field cause i don't have time to watch every picture comments everyday and search for questions....

Ok next thing are testers- we will be gathering 9 testers in 9 weeks from 9 different countries. Any offers - pm me.

And the last thing are models - if you want to see f.e. Recusant cruiser model and i didn't show it before - tell me and i'll do it.

Oookey that's it for now.
Thanks for reading
Alex, the leader

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