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Mar Mod slowly come to the next version. Probably last.

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I don't rush with 1.12 'cause involvement in mod is very small, and I have many object on my head ;d, lol. In last days i didn't had a zest to work and um ideas.

But.. I work with my umm boredom and pallets and I push this forward.. yup this is right word.

I must normalize many questions, but big majority of work is done. And I get funny PNG file with eagle on black background, open this and say "Version 1.12". Unfortunatley i use in others news red, green, blue and yellow colorus and i must use violet O_O! Yes.. two shades.

I know this news is boring and not factual but, I write news and I can spell here all what I want. Um yea, if You want to write own news make this on Your profile LOL.

Now.. i relate scary story.. a small group of teenagers walk through the dark forest LOL :D no no I just kidding.. short:

In short time You can get this shiii..# ! Maybe...

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